Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jump Festa 2009 - Square Enix

Now let's take a look at Square Enix's booth at Tokyo Game Show ... err ... I mean Jump Festa 2009! There were so many game booths there that I thought I was still at Tokyo Game Show! It sure felt like one!

The new Kingdom Hearts games (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts coded) were playable at the event. Personally looking forward to the first two games, but the latter of which I can't play because it's on a Docomo mobile phone. I got an iPhone so here's hoping Square Enix will make a game for it!

Actual Final Fantasy XIII Versus dress and suit for Stella and Noctis respectively. Designed by Roen. Very classy and very VERY expensive. I don't dare ask for the price of these outfits. They're probably in the six digit yen range each.

Square Enix pretty much showed the same trailers and cutscenes from their showings at this year's Tokyo Game Show. They did however showed new cutscenes and ACTUAL gameplay for Final Fantasy XIII! Two trailers in fact! The battle system is kind of a blend of active and turn based action RPG. Not sure how to explain it or what to compare it to as there doesn't seem to be anything else released thus far that's similar to it that I know of. Definitely would make for a much better gaming experience than say FFXII, which was basically an offline MMORPG-style game play. Just found an explanation on the battle system on Wikipedia.

Static Arts Sephiroth due out in March 2009.

Standing right next to Sephiroth is Static Arts Cloud announced at the show. Currently no price or release date announced. I'm sure I can fit him somewhere in my collection. Sephiroth is unfortunately way too big for my shelves.

Finally! A painted prototye of Lightning! Looking good!

Size comparison shot of Lightning and Shiva's motorcycle. Check out my Tokyo Game Show 2008 post for more shots of the motorcycle.

Kingdom Hearts Jumbo Avatar figure based on Sora's design in Kingdom Hears coded. No price or release date announced yet.

Halloween Town Sora. One of the best outfits for Sora in KHII IMO. Still deciding whether or not I wanna get one. Looks great but I'm saving money for a lot fo things at the moment.

I'm so looking forward to the Kingdom Hears version of Cloud and Sephiroth!

Disney Characters Formation Arts Snow White trading figure series revealed at the event! No price or release date though.

The next Disney/Pixar Formation Arts trading figure series will feature Cars, WALL-E, Ratatouille and possiblly a couple or three more that have yet to be revealed.

I'd love to frame this poster up on my wall but landlord does not allow people nailing things to the walls of the apartments. :-( I'll have to find a desktop wallpaper of this then.

Check out the rest of the pics in my flickr gallery.

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xenohawk said...

Love the Dissidia poster :)
So much I actually wall it ^^.

Hope you don't mind me ripping from your photo.

You can get the wallpaper at my post.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Wow! Awesome! Thank you so much for doing it! It is now my new desktop wallpaper! ^^

cub3k_cub3 said...

Whooa...what a show over there in Japan, i get jealous here in Australia.

We never get anything like that :(

I think you right Tokyohunter, the Cloud version of the Kingdom Hearts would be the one to die for.

PS: any new Gurren Lagann Figure on the show??

Tokyo Hunter said...

I've wanted a figure of the Kingdom Hearts version of Cloud and Sephiroth ever since I saw them in the game. Can't wait!

No Gurren Lagann stuff at the show though. But I do have some shots of Gurren Lagann character kits taken at Hobby Complex. Coverage coming up soon! Stay tuned!

co_Onfused said...

ROFL @ Sora's Jumbo Avatar figure

thanks Xenohawk for the wallpaper, going to actually get it printed out as a poster =]

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing...
There are far better SQEX games than KH, and unfortunately, SQEX is putting too much publicity on this.
I cannot believe I saw more KH pictures and merchandise than Final Fantasy ones, how an insult.

Anonymous said...

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Janelle said...


I was wondering how much Jump Festa costs! I want to go this year but I am unsure of where to buy tickets and how much they will be!!!!!

Thank you!!!

Tokyo Hunter said...

Entrance is FREE!

Janelle said...

Oh wow so I can just show up there and enter?! Thank you so much that made my day! :D