Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tokyo Game Show 2008 - Square Enix booth

This year's Tokyo Game Show was held on 9-12 October at the Makuhari Messe convention center. The first two days were opened to industry and businesses only. I managed to get in on business day (10th) with the help of a good friend of mine. Lucky~! ^^

Alright, time to start off my two-week-late mini TGS 2008 coverage with a look at Square Enix's booths! They had the video game booth and retail booth in separate halls. I spent a good two hours checking out Square Enix's games and particularly their retail booth where they revealed upcoming new Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts figures.

FFXIII Play Arts Lightning. I'm definitely getting all FFXIII figures!

Shiva as a motorcycle!? Hell yeah! Fell in love with the bike when it was revealed in the game's teaser trailer. Getting this along with Lightning for sure.

Four heroes and Cloud (not shown here) from the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy game are planned for release as trading figures next Spring. Very impressive detail and coloring! Hope they'll make more of the hero characters with a mix of some of the villains as well particularly Sephiroth, Garland, Exdeath, Golbez, and ... well, pretty much all the characters good and bad! The character designs by Tetsuya Nomura all look great!

FFVII Static Arts Sephiroth coming out next Spring. Want! But it would be difficult to allocate sufficient shelf space in my packed collection for his long Masamune sword.

I'm getting this Kingdom Hearts Play Arts version of Sephiroth instead ...

... along with Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Cloud! Always wanted figs of them based on their designs in the KH games! Due out next Spring.

Speaking of KH, Riku's next in the Static Arts series after Sora.

All seven Soras in different forms.

All hail King Mickey!

Next wave of FFVII Play Arts figs.

Kuroshitsuji Static Arts Ciel & Sebastian. Interested buyers please contact me for pricing for the upcoming Ciel figure available for preorder through me. I have very limited quantities of Sebastian left and selling out quick!

Star Ocean Play Arts Edge ...

... and heroine. Does she have an actual name? The name on the card just says 'Heroine'. Never played Star Ocean before so I got no clue. ^^;

Stunningly gorgeous statue of Lenneth. Unfortunately, she's waaaaay out of my price range, and I won't have the shelf space for her either.

Judge, jury, and executioner!

Dissidia Final Fantasy potions. Their potion drinks are always terrible. Tastes like slightly flavored water to me. Doubt they'll improve the flavor in this upcoming canned drinks. Who's buying them to drink anyway? I'm getting the whole set for my canned drinks collection for sure. Would be great if they could pack a Dissidia trading figure with each can.

I didn't manage to get into their Closed Mega Theater last year because I went on a public day and all seats were reserved as they gave out tickets for attendees to come back at a specified time to watch trailers shown only at the event. Now that I got into the event on business day, I headed straight for the Closed Mega Theater as soon as I arrived at the convention center. I had the chance to watch some truly mind-blowing trailers for all three of their FFXIII games as well as the new Kingdom Hearts games, and more Dissidia Final Fantasy gameplay and cutscenes. I didn't know what The 3rd Birthday was until I saw Aya Brea! The game will be a spin-off of the Parasite Eve series! I'll need to dust off my PSP to play that game. But then again I'll be playing Dissidia Final Fantasy in December so it probably won't be as dusty when The 3rd Birthday comes out sometime next year. ^^

Check out my flickr gallery for additional photos.

TGS coverage to continue in an upcoming post! Stay tuned!


Shido said...

Thx for the report, the pictures are great. The Lenneth Statue is amazing but it's always delayed, don't know if she'll be finally avaialble this year.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Thanks! :-)

Here's hoping Square Enix will either produce a Play Arts or PVC figure of Lenneth next year!

Sabira said...

Hey Joseph, I've been out of town for a while, and was just browsing through. I almost dropped my coffee when I saw that you had a few Sebastian figures...OMG...I've been looking everywhere!!!

Tokyo Hunter said...

Hi Sabira,
Yup, I got a very small amount of Sebastian figures and now completely sold out. Animate is out of stock as well so chances of me getting additional stocks is slim to none. I should have ordered more when it was available through Animate's online store. I got a decent amount of Ciel figures this time but he's selling out fairly quickly as well. Contact me now if you want a Ciel figure.