Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nendoroid Petit Cross of Venus figures

Item: Nendoroid Petit Shana, Taiga, Kino, and Index
Height: 6.5cm
Series: Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus
Maker: Good Smile Company (figures) & Media Works (game)
Retail price: 10,290 yen for Premium Pack with Nendoroid Petit
Release date: 26 February 2009
Info: Figures will be bundled with Premium Pack version of the Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus Nintendo DS game. Pic via Game Watch.


pixiebee said...

Would it be possible to just buy Taiga?
*does not have 10,290 yen orz;;*

Tokyo Hunter said...

Yes, it is possible when the game is released. The toy shops here might sell the figures separately but I don't know how much they will charge per piece or for the entire set of four figures.

ECOcollector said...

Oh well....I am interested in the figures as in the set of much would you sell them?

Tokyo Hunter said...

I will have to check the hobby shops and see if I can get them then quote you my price once I check on the price and availability of the set at the shops. Please email me at for more details. Thanks!

xChewy said...

Quote me on this one when you have free time.^^; Seems like it has been released this month.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Do you want the figures only or the whole set with the game? I'll email you. Thanks!

Seak Chiew said...

is this item still available?

Tokyo Hunter said...

I don't have it but can order one if you are interested. Please email me for details. Thanks!