Thursday, March 29, 2007

Haul pics - 29 March 2007

Two Motoko Kusanagi resin kits by RC Berg ordered for clients just arrived today. Check out the original post here for more info.

Click here for the picture gallery.

Client testimonial #37

Testimonial from client #81:

Potential clients of Joseph beware. With a service that is so affordable and so easy to use, one can easily be entranced into utilising it more often than your bank manager would like. I received my order within 2 weeks of placing it, hassle free. The product was so well packed it made me think it was his full time job. This experience has been so favourable I have already started making more orders after the first arrived. So if there is a Japanese, hobby related, item not available through HLJ do consider a certain 'hunter' from Tokyo to be your first port of call. I thoroughly recommend it.

Item purchased: Alter Fate/hollow ataraxia 1/8 scale Rider swinsuit PVC Hobby Japan exclusive

Client testimonial #36

Testimonial from client #79:

Original French testimonial:
Je remercie chaleureusement Joseph pour son service. Il répond toujours aux questions posées trés rapidement et de façon détaillée. Il fait preuve de beaucoup d'empathie et cherche à satisfaire le client au mieux. Faire des affaires est un plaisir puisque tout est transparent. L'envoi que j'ai reçu était parfaitement emballé. Je suis enchanté et je le recommande vivement !

Babel Fish translated version:

I cordially thank Joseph for his service. It always answers the put questions trés quickly and in a detailed way. It shows much empathy and seeks to satisfy the customer as well as possible. To make deals is a pleasure since all is transparent. The sending that I received was packed perfectly. I am enchanted and I recommend it highly!

Item purchased: ebCraft Sengoku Blade Koyori

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007

Just got back from my first Tokyo International Anime Fair today with lots of interesting handouts and bags. Tons of awesome trailers shown there that got me really excited over the upcoming anime series like Toward The Terra, Kissdum, Skullman, Devil May Cry, Gurren Lagann, Claymore, Darker Than Black, and Highlander, just to name a few. My coverage of the event will be up on HobbyLink Japan sometime next week.

16th Tokyo Toy Festival coverage

I attended the 16th Tokyo Toy Festival held at Tokyo Big Sight on March 18th and met up with a couple of guys from I got the opportunity to shake hands with Masato Uchiyama (TheBee & PunchHopper actor from Kamen Rider Kabuto show) and got him to sign a TheBee Rider Form soft vinyl figure I got for 300 yen at one of the sellers there. The guy sure has soft and warm hands! About 95% of the people lining up to get his signature were female from teenagers to married women in their 40s. Some of them even cried after getting to talk to the guy and shook his hands!

Check out my coverage of the event on HobbyLink Japan. Next up, Tokyo International Anime Fair!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Harajuku pics - 17 March 2007

After I bought the S.I.C. exclusives on my first entry on Day 2 of the S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition, I had a couple of hours to spare before I reenter the exhibition again to purchase some more of the exclusives for my clients. So, I spent the time taking some pics of Harajuku to give you all a pictorial tour of the area. Click here for the picture gallery and click here for last year's Harajuku pics. Enjoy!

Haul pics - 17 March 2007

Got slightly bigger haul today from Day 2 of the S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition. All items were purchased for clients except for one S.I.C. neck strap & plate, which is for myself that I didn't manage to get on Day 1.

Four pieces Kamen Rider Hibiki Maziora color version - 6,000 yen each

One piece Kamen Rider Ryuga [Dragblacker] - 5,500 yen

One S.I.C. Imaginaiton Works Limited plate - 500 yen

Two S.I.C. Imaginaiton Works Limited neck strap & plate - 800 yen each

Four Kikaider clear ver. trading figure - free with each entrance ticket

This came in the mail yesterday for clients:
Three piece Busou Shinki MMS Naked White Body - 1,800 yen per piece

And I bought these two for my clients after the S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition yesterday:
Alter Fate/hollow ataraxia 1/8 scale Rider swinsuit PVC Hobby Japan exclusive - 8,190 yen

Bandai Kamen Rider Blade helmet - 1,000 yen

Click here for the picture gallery.

S.I.C. Imagination Works - Day 2 - 17 March 2007

Day two of the S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition. Finally got there early this time at 8 am and was #47 in line. The queue soon grew to over 100 people within an hour. The first couple hundred people, including me, lined up outside of the Laforet shopping mall in the cold winter morning until we were directed into the museum at 11 am sharp.

I went to purchase 1 Hibiki, 1 Ryuga, 1 S.I.C. plate, and 2 S.I.C. neck strap & plate as soon as I got in. The line stretched all the way from the 5th floor down to level B5 this time. When I rejoined the line to grab another Hibiki and Ryuga for my clients, the number I received was already #411, and that was just 15 minutes after the museum opened! Several minutes later, one of the staff informed all attendees that Ryuga had all been sold out for the day. Seems like they had most of the Ryugas sold on the first day (lasted for nearly 2 hours before it was sold out on Day 1) and only allocated around 100 pieces or so for each of the remaining days. I quit the line as there's no point in lining up for at least 2 hours just to get one Hibiki figure per entry when I can easily grab one without having to wait in a long queue after 2 pm, same as yesterday. There was no line at the entrance into the museum after around 2:30 pm on Day 1, and no line at 2 pm on Day 2. There were only a handful of people still trying to buy up as many of the Hibiki figures they can carry in the afternoon. There were only 5 people at most lining in front of me to the register in the afternoon. Still plenty of Hibikis to go around before I left Harajuku at 3:30 pm on Day 1, and plenty more on Day 2 as well when I returned to buy the remaining 3 pieces of the Hibiki figures for my clients. The S.I.C. plate and neck strap sold out very fast in the morning though.

Although there will still be a small quantity of the Ryuga exclusive figure available for purchase tomorrow, I won't be attending the exhibition again to purchase the remaining quantities my other clients requested, so my apologies to clients who wanted the Ryuga figure. I only managed to get one for the first client who requested it (first come, first served basis) and I tried to get more but they're all sold out too quickly. I will be attending Tokyo Toy Festival on Sunday and I gotta work on the remaining days of the exhibition, so the first two days were the only days I could attend the exhibition.

I had a blast checking out all the amazing S.I.C. diorama sculptures during the two days I attended the exhibition. No matter how many times I get into the museum and examining each piece again and again, they still manage to take my breath away. It's totally different from looking at the pictures in the diorama stories when you get to check out the actual thing with your own eyes and examining them from every possible angle. Here's hoping they'll plan more S.I.C. exhibitions in the near future! And more S.I.C. exclusives to buy, too!

Haul pics - 16 March 2007

The following are items that I managed to purchase at today's S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition for my clients, as well as some for my own collection. I got one Hibiki figure, one Kikaider clear ver. trading figure, pamphlet, and a V neck t-shirt for myself.

Three pieces Kamen Rider Hibiki Maziora color version - 6,000 yen each

Two L-size S.I.C. Imagination Works original black t-shirt (V neck) - 3,990 yen each

Two S.I.C. Imaginaiton Works original pamphlet - 3,000 yen each

Three Kikaider clear ver. trading figure - free with each entrance ticket

S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition flyer - free

Click here for the picture gallery.

To clients who requested for the Ryuga figure and S.I.C. plate, don't worry, I will be attending the exhibition again tomorrow as they have allocated a limited amount for sale each day of the six-day event, and I should be able to get enough pieces to fill all orders tomorrow ... I hope. Not sleeping tonight so I can take the first train down early in the morning and be able to get at the very least, one Ryuga figure. Same goes for the Hibiki figure as I need to get three more to fill all orders. Don't keep your hopes up too high as quantities are very limited and since it's a Saturday tomorrow, there will probably be twice the number of people attending the exhibition. Check back again tomorrow for updates and hopefully some good news!

Friday, March 16, 2007

S.I.C. Imagination Works - Day 1 - 16 March 2007

First day of the S.I.C Imagination Works exhibition opened to the public today ... and I woke up 4 hours later than I had initially planned. :-( I was supposed to take the first train down at 5 am but I didn't wake up until 8 am, even though I had an alarm clock set to wake me up at 4:30 am and the alarm on my mobile phone set to ring at every 15 minutes starting 4 am. Guess it's time I get a better alarm clock (or two!) that can actually wake me up in the morning!

Arrived at LaForet shopping mall in Harajuku and headed straight up to the 5th floor (LaForet Museum is located on the 6th floor but one can only enter through the stairs on the 5th floor) at 11 am, which is the opening time of the exhibition, and initially I thought most of the people would have entered the museum by then and the line wouldn't be too long. Unfortunately, that was not the case as I approach the entrance, there are easily over 500 people in lines of two waiting to get into the museum. The line started from the entrance as seen here on the 5th floor, winding down the stairs all the way to the B1 floor then winding up again to the 1st floor! A guy who lined up in front of me asked one of the exhibition staff when did the first group of people started lining up for the event, and the staff replied they were there since yesterday evening!

When I got to the end of the line, I was on the 1st floor that led down to the B1 floor, which the line then connects to the opposite stairs leading up to the museum entrance. The line behind me probably reached the 3rd floor or higher. It was 11:10 am when I joined the line and didn't manage to get into the museum until two hours later! Thankfully, I brought my Nintendo DS with me and played Super Robot Wars W to pass the time. I'd be bored to death without it!

Upon entering the museum, I had to join another line that led to the register to purchase the exclusives, and that took me an hour waiting in line and only managed to purchase one Hibiki, two pamphlets, and two SIC V-neck shirts. They limit customers' purchase of the Hibiki and Ryuga exclusives to one piece per person. Ryuga, SIC plate, and neck strap quantities allocated for sale on day 1 were all sold out just as I got into the museum. They allocated a certain amount per item for sale on each of the six days (16-21 March) and it seems like those three are the most popular, or that they didn't make enough of them. Customers are allowed to buy the exclusives again as long as they line up again to enter the museum and buy a new entrance ticket (600 yen) to get the purchase form. Of course, there were plenty of people who lined up again and again to buy up as many of the exclusive figures as they could carry. I actually saw a 70+ year-old grandma with a stack of over 20 bags filled with exclusives sitting near the museum exit! I regret that I didn't manage to take a pic of her with all those stuff. Truly unbelievable sight! I assume she was asked to help carry all those stuff by her son/grandson who kept reentering the museum to purchase more of the exclusives while she guards the stuff.

As with all exhibitions, no photography is allowed inside the museum so I couldn't take any pics. Here's a glimpse of how it looks like inside the museum. It was open to industry and press people yesterday and GA Graphics was there to provide a brief coverage of the event.

Even though there were only a handful of Takeya's and Ando's original S.I.C. diorama sculptures on display, the ones on showcase were truly a sight to behold! I had to pick up my jaw from the ground each time I look at the sculptures. There are no words I could think of that could best describe just how bloody detailed and life-like those sculptures are. When I first saw Gattaider in the official S.I.C. diorama story, I thought it was around the same size as the normal S.I.C. figures, but when I saw the real thing in person, man, I couldn't believe just how big it was! It stood around 15" tall and nearly three times larger than the normal S.I.C. figures! I'd buy that in a heartbeat if Bandai decides to produce a mass market version!

All the S.I.C. figures, trading figures, and exclusives ever produced were on display, along with the upcoming Blade Jack Form & Leangle, and Kikaider 01 & Double Machine. Kikaider 01 & Double Machine on display were unpainted prototypes and they look excellent from what I've seen. The set will come with a statue that Kikaider 01 broke away from as seen in the diorama story and trading figure. Can't wait to see how the final painted version will look like!

Overall, it was a fascinating exhibition and could have been perfect if only Takeya and Ando were there. I was expecting them to be there for some talks and a signing event but unfortunately, there are no public appearances planned for both of them for the exhibition. They should seriously consider opening a special museum dedicated to showcasing their masterpieces all year round and continually adding more pieces to the museum. I'd certainly go there at least once a month!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Akihabara pics - 10 March 2007

It's been a long while since I last took pics of Akihabara and the hobby stores that populate the area. Much had changed since my first Akihabara pics taken back in 8 July 2006. So, I decided on last Saturday to take some shots of the area and some of the stores there to share with all of you the place I call 'Toy Heaven'! There'll be a more comprehensive coverage of Akihabara with pics of all the major hobby stores, as well as other places of interest, to be available in the future, which is whenever I have the time to do it. For now, click here to check out the picture gallery. Feel free to post any comments and suggestions of what you'd like to see more pics of in my next Akihabara pics post. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Haul pics - 10 March 2007

Got some cool stuff back from my Akihabara trip today. First off, I managed to get the Rangers Strike Solid trading figure series complete set of 5 metallic color version that I've been looking for ever since I saw the pics of the metallic color version in the hobby mags. Although I must confess that I am not a big fan of the Super Sentai series except for a few shows that I watched during my childhood years, these figs based on the trading card series look absolutely stunning! I love the art style in the trading card series and just had to get the metallic color versions when I saw it at Uchuusen Pord store in Akihabara. Bought the set for 3,990 yen. It's slightly higher than the 700 yen retail price per piece, but at least I don't get stuck with multiples of the same piece had I tried my luck and got the box of 10 randomly-packed trading figures instead. They should fit in real well with my SIC trading fig collection!

Next up is the McFarlane Toys Techno Spawn series Cyber Spawn fig that I've been searching for years ever since it was announced back in 1999. Couldn't get one because it was too expensive back in my country and although it's going for dirt cheap prices on eBay, it would be too expensive to ship it to me. I immediately snatched it up when I saw this piece at Liberty for a mere 1,344 yen! Finally, I've got one after all these years!

The rest of the items are for clients:

Figure Ou #109 - 789 yen
Vice Range Murata PSE PRO #1 Skipper orange ver. - 4,914 yen
ebCraft Sengoku Blade Koyori - 9,240 yen - ordered through Kotobukiya Webshop and arrived today after I returned from Akihabara.

Click here for the picture gallery.

Akihabara sightings - 10 March 2007

Prices shown are store prices, mostly with 5% government sales tax included. All items are in mint condition unless stated otherwise. Interested buyers please contact me at as soon as possible so I can help you with obtaining these items on my next trip.

Havikoro Toy
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Gold Cloth Kraken Isaac - 6,900 yen
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Lyra Orpheus - 7,200 yen
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Dubhe Siegfried - 7,300 yen
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Gold Cloth Sea Dragon Kanon - 7,800 yen
Mega House Sengoku Canon Koyori - 28,000 yen
Max Factory Shining Tears 1/7 scale Blanc Neige Hobby Japan exclusive - Only 500 pieces made - 10,500 yen
GSI Creos Pink:cos Evangelion Rei & Asuka school uniform & plug suit costumes (winter ver) set WF 2007 Winter exclusive - 5,980 yen
Alter Fate/hollow ataraxia Black Saber Mokyu Mokyu ver. WF 2007 Winter exclusive - 8,980 yen
Hobby Japan Top o Nerae! 2 Nono PVC Hobby Japan exclusive - 4,980 yen

Atelier-sai Suzumiya Haruhi Bunny Girl Red Ver. - 7,854 yen
Alter Fate/hollow ataraxia 1/8 scale Rider swinsuit PVC Hobby Japan exclusive - 8,190 yen
ANA Uniform Collection Extra - 1955 - 2005 Uniform History Collection Extra Version - 8,190 yen
Bandai SIC Kamen Rider Garren & Chalice - 7,854 yen
Bandai SIC Kamen Rider Hibiki - 6,279 yen
Bandai SIC Kamen Rider Blade - 6,804 yen
Bandai SIC Kamen Rider Ouja Blank Form & Ryuki Blank Form Hobby Japan exclusive - 8,190 yen
Bandai SIC Kamen Rider Pre-Amazon Toei Hero Net exclusive - 8,379 yen
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Gold Cloth Gemini Saga - 10,290 yen
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Gold Cloth Sagittarius Aiolos - 6,594 yen
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Bronze Cloth Bear Geki - 3,129 yen
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Bronze Cloth Wolf Nachi - 4,179 yen
Fewture Mazinger AD-1901 Garada - 8,904 yen
Kaiyodo Bome Collection Black Kasumi Limited Edition black version - 6,090 yen
Kaiyodo Virtual-On Fei-Yen KN - 6,279 yen
Max Factory Suzumiya Haruhi hand puppet WF 2007 Winter exclusive - 8,379 yen
Mega House Tsukasa Bullet Mizuki - 6,804 yen
Medicom Toy GaoGaiGar Kubrick - 2,394 yen
Wani Books & Good Smile Company Ikki Tousen 1/7 scale Sonsaku Hakufu blue maid PVC - 5,040 yen

Takara Transformers Collector's Edition Ramjet - 12,600 yen
Takara Transformers Collector's Edition Thundercracker - 15,750 yen
Takara Transformers Collector's Edition Dirge - 18,900 yen

Interesting sightings:
Upcoming PVC figures on display at Kotobukiya Shop:
Arisugawa Shii
Ayanami Rei Race Queen
Ayanami Rei Party Dress
Sara Werec
Lottie Gelh

Also on display and soon to be available at Kotobukiya Shop:
Chord Chair Prototype No.1 by Range Murata & Toranoana - Looks damn comfortable!

Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo shop display items:
Revoltech Gaiking
Revoltech Megatron
Revoltech 2G EVA-02
Revoltech 2G EVA-05
Revoltech Toro
Revoltech Saber

AsoBitCity display item:
SIC Hero Saga Vol 1: Escape - This thing is friggin HUGE! Planned to buy one when it was first announced but seriously no space to display it and way too pricey for me.

Click here for the picture gallery.

Client testimonial #35

Testimonial from client #69:

I recommend highly Tokyo Hunter's services to those seeking Japanese exclusive items. The fees are very reasonable, the service prompt and friendly. My emails were always answered too. Thanks to Joseph, now I have a set of transparent Tachikomas only available at the Wonderfest event in Japan in my collection. It is good to know that there is a reliable source in Japan to hunt for those otherwise out of reach items."

Items purchased: Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Tachikoma Collection Optical Camouflage Version Full Set of 6 & 2 pieces Tachikoma Trading Figure Clear Version.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Blister Shibuya 2nd Anniversary Exclusives

Blister will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary of the opening of their Shibuya retail store and will have a nice selection of exclusives available for purchase at the event, which will be held on March 31 & April 1st, 2007. Click here to check out the list of exclusives that will be made available at the two-day event. I will be attending the event on March 31st, so if anyone's interested in getting any of the exclusives, please contact me at for info and to place your order. I will stop accepting orders on March 28.

Client testimonial #34

Testimonial from client #76:

The Tachikomas arrived safely! Great packaging and prompt email replies. A successful business deal will lead to another. I recommend Joseph's services to anyone looking for exclusive toys and stuffs! Hope to deal again soon! Thank you!

Items purchased: 7 pieces Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Tachikoma Trading Figure Clear Version

Client testimonial #33

Testimonial from client #51:

After receiving my first package from Joseph, all I have to say is he is an awesome guy. His packaging is pretty top notch. Everything that Joseph did was professional and his replies to emails is pretty quick. I recommend his service for any of those hard to find/get items.

Items purchased: Black Saber Mokyu Mokyu Version PVC & The Art of Shunya Yamashita Shion prepainted polystone statue.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

1/6 scale Miura Azusa [Unmei no Toki] PVC

Item: 1/7 scale Miura Azusa [Unmei no Toki] PVC
Series: The Idol M@ster
Maker: Good Smile Company
Height: 28 cm
Price: 9,800 yen
Release date: July ~ August 2007
Order deadline: 28 March 2007
Info: Prepainted PVC model Happinet Online exclusive.

Contact for more info and to place your order.

1/6 scale Koyori PVC

Item: 1/7 scale Koyori PVC
Series: Sengoku Blade
Maker: Enterbrain
Height: 26 cm
Price: 9,240 yen
Release date: On sale now
Info: Prepainted PVC model. Osaka Plastic Model exclusive distribution.

Contact for more info and to place your order.

1/7 scale Arisugawa Shii Kotobukiya exclusive

Item: 1/7 scale Arisugawa Shii PVC
Series: The Art of Shunya Yamashita
Maker: Kotobukiya
Price: 7,350 yen
Release date: May 2007
Info: Prepainted PVC model Kotobukiya exclusive

Contact for more info and to place your order.

S.I.C. Imagination Works exclusives

S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition will be held at Laforet Museum Harajuku from March 16-21, 2007. Admission fee is 600 yen per person. 25 original diorama sculptures made for Hobby Japan's S.I.C. HERO SAGA series will be on display at the museum, along with all S.I.C. products from S.I.C. Vol. 1 to the recently released item. There will also be a behind the scenes look at the process of creating the S.I.C. figures, plus Takayuki Takeya and Kenji Ando will appear for talks about the S.I.C. series. Being a huge S.I.C. fan myself, I definitely wouldn't want to miss this golden opportunity to get my favorite S.I.C. figures signed by them! Unfortunately, photography in the museum is not allowed so I won't be able to provide my coverage of the exhibition. If only my eyes could take pictures ...

Here's the list of exclusive items that will be available for purchase at the exhibition:

Kamen Rider Hibiki Maziora color version - 6,000 yen

Kamen Rider Ryuga [Dragblacker] - 5,500 yen

S.I.C. Imagination Works original black t-shirt (U neck) - S, M, L sizes available - 3,990 yen

S.I.C. Imagination Works original black t-shirt (V neck) - S, M, L sizes available - 3,990 yen

S.I.C. Imaginaiton Works Limited plate - 500 yen

S.I.C. Imaginaiton Works Limited neck strap & plate - 800 yen

S.I.C. Imaginaiton Works original pamphlet - 3,000 yen

Click here for the official items page.

Takumi Tamashii Kikaider clear blue & clear red figures will be given out to the first 10,000 attendees and each person gets 1 randomly selected piece with each admission ticket. Only attendees who bought their admission tickets through Ticket Pia will be able to get the clear smoke version upon entering the exhibition. I will not be able to handle order requests for these Kikaider figures.

Interested buyers please contact me at to place your orders. I will stop taking orders after March 14 unless you can send Paypal payment as soon as I've e-mailed you the quote.

Haul pics - 04 March 2007

Got the following items from the delivery man in the past week but was too busy to post haul pics after I received them. There are multiple pieces for the Witchblade Masane Amaha and the Busou Shinki Naked Bodies, but most of them were packed and shipped out to clients before I managed to take haul pics of all items.

Kotobukiya Witchblade 1/6 Masane Amaha Kotobukiya Shop exclusive - 3 pieces - 8,190 yen each

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Naked White (3 pieces), Flesh (2 pieces), Black (4 pieces) bodies - 1,890 yen each

Mega House Art Works Monsters Limited-02 Another Agito original color version - 12,000 yen

Click here for the picture gallery.

There'll be lots of posts on upcoming exclusive orders so check back real soon for updates!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Client testimonial #32

Testimonial from client #65:

I heard first about Tokyo Hunter's service on my Japanese toy forum Robot-Japan and thought I might give him a try. All the client testimonials I have read before sure do not lie about Joseph's service. And I have to say: it was a great experience that I will repeat in the future. Joseph is great to deal with, true to his word and earns my highest recommendation. His service is invaluable to any serious collector.

Item purchased: Banpresto Super Robot Wars Original Generation Wildwurger

Friday, March 02, 2007

WonderFest 2007 Winter coverage

WonderFest 2007 Winter. Second WF event I attended and this is the first WF winter event for me. Luckily for this event, I don't need to line up and sleep overnight on concrete pavement like I did for WF 2006 Summer and C3 x Chara Hobby 2006 events -- all thanks to the WonderFest dealer pass that Kotobukiya was kind enough to provide, with the help of HobbyLink Japan in getting Kotobukiya to send one over for me and another for a HLJ staff. I definitely wouldn't be able to get so many exclusive items without the pass and wouldn't want to line up overnight in the freezing winter just to get in early to make the purchases. Big thanks to Kotobukiya and HLJ! Looking forward to getting in early again for WonderFest 2007 Summer and C3 x Chara Hobby 2007!

Check out my WonderFest 2007 Winter coverage over at Anime News International. You can also check out my WonderFest 2006 Summer coverage here and C3 x Chara Hobby 2006 coverage here if you missed it.