Saturday, March 10, 2007

Haul pics - 10 March 2007

Got some cool stuff back from my Akihabara trip today. First off, I managed to get the Rangers Strike Solid trading figure series complete set of 5 metallic color version that I've been looking for ever since I saw the pics of the metallic color version in the hobby mags. Although I must confess that I am not a big fan of the Super Sentai series except for a few shows that I watched during my childhood years, these figs based on the trading card series look absolutely stunning! I love the art style in the trading card series and just had to get the metallic color versions when I saw it at Uchuusen Pord store in Akihabara. Bought the set for 3,990 yen. It's slightly higher than the 700 yen retail price per piece, but at least I don't get stuck with multiples of the same piece had I tried my luck and got the box of 10 randomly-packed trading figures instead. They should fit in real well with my SIC trading fig collection!

Next up is the McFarlane Toys Techno Spawn series Cyber Spawn fig that I've been searching for years ever since it was announced back in 1999. Couldn't get one because it was too expensive back in my country and although it's going for dirt cheap prices on eBay, it would be too expensive to ship it to me. I immediately snatched it up when I saw this piece at Liberty for a mere 1,344 yen! Finally, I've got one after all these years!

The rest of the items are for clients:

Figure Ou #109 - 789 yen
Vice Range Murata PSE PRO #1 Skipper orange ver. - 4,914 yen
ebCraft Sengoku Blade Koyori - 9,240 yen - ordered through Kotobukiya Webshop and arrived today after I returned from Akihabara.

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Philip Shade said...

I'm not a huge Spawn fan but I love that Cyber Spawn. I snatched him back when he came out. Though I'm a slightly bigger fan of Manga Spawn.

Say what you will about McFarlane he's put out some great figures.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Hi Philip,

I started out collecting McFarlane's stuff nearly 10 years back but their recent offerings had been quite disappointing to say the least. I was a huge Spawn fan back then but stopped caring for the character and McFarlane's stuff after I was introduced to the wonderful world of anime and Japanese toys! Currently, there isn't anything coming out from McFarlane Toys that I really want except for the 3D Robocop poster. NECA and SOTA had just been producing way better toys of popular licenses than McFarlane's doing these days. Here's hoping they've got more cooler stuff that's worth buying next year.

Josef said...

I love those Rangers Strike figures, I'm a huge Super Sentai fan and I've been looking to get a set for myself... didn't know about the metallic versions, but I would think they look good in either version so I will probably end up just getting a box of 10. I have to say too, they really look better "in real life", so to speak, especially the Dekaranger Robo figure... Deka is my favourite show (though I'm really digging the current Gekiranger), and was disappointed at how weird the paintjob looked, from the official photos. I'm very happy to see that it looks better than I thought it would. :)

I had some questions about the Blister store event thing, but I will send you an email.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Hi Josef,

I love the paint job on DekaRobo. The metallic silver on some of the parts made it look as if it's made of diecast metal!