Saturday, March 17, 2007

Haul pics - 16 March 2007

The following are items that I managed to purchase at today's S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition for my clients, as well as some for my own collection. I got one Hibiki figure, one Kikaider clear ver. trading figure, pamphlet, and a V neck t-shirt for myself.

Three pieces Kamen Rider Hibiki Maziora color version - 6,000 yen each

Two L-size S.I.C. Imagination Works original black t-shirt (V neck) - 3,990 yen each

Two S.I.C. Imaginaiton Works original pamphlet - 3,000 yen each

Three Kikaider clear ver. trading figure - free with each entrance ticket

S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition flyer - free

Click here for the picture gallery.

To clients who requested for the Ryuga figure and S.I.C. plate, don't worry, I will be attending the exhibition again tomorrow as they have allocated a limited amount for sale each day of the six-day event, and I should be able to get enough pieces to fill all orders tomorrow ... I hope. Not sleeping tonight so I can take the first train down early in the morning and be able to get at the very least, one Ryuga figure. Same goes for the Hibiki figure as I need to get three more to fill all orders. Don't keep your hopes up too high as quantities are very limited and since it's a Saturday tomorrow, there will probably be twice the number of people attending the exhibition. Check back again tomorrow for updates and hopefully some good news!

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