Saturday, March 17, 2007

S.I.C. Imagination Works - Day 2 - 17 March 2007

Day two of the S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition. Finally got there early this time at 8 am and was #47 in line. The queue soon grew to over 100 people within an hour. The first couple hundred people, including me, lined up outside of the Laforet shopping mall in the cold winter morning until we were directed into the museum at 11 am sharp.

I went to purchase 1 Hibiki, 1 Ryuga, 1 S.I.C. plate, and 2 S.I.C. neck strap & plate as soon as I got in. The line stretched all the way from the 5th floor down to level B5 this time. When I rejoined the line to grab another Hibiki and Ryuga for my clients, the number I received was already #411, and that was just 15 minutes after the museum opened! Several minutes later, one of the staff informed all attendees that Ryuga had all been sold out for the day. Seems like they had most of the Ryugas sold on the first day (lasted for nearly 2 hours before it was sold out on Day 1) and only allocated around 100 pieces or so for each of the remaining days. I quit the line as there's no point in lining up for at least 2 hours just to get one Hibiki figure per entry when I can easily grab one without having to wait in a long queue after 2 pm, same as yesterday. There was no line at the entrance into the museum after around 2:30 pm on Day 1, and no line at 2 pm on Day 2. There were only a handful of people still trying to buy up as many of the Hibiki figures they can carry in the afternoon. There were only 5 people at most lining in front of me to the register in the afternoon. Still plenty of Hibikis to go around before I left Harajuku at 3:30 pm on Day 1, and plenty more on Day 2 as well when I returned to buy the remaining 3 pieces of the Hibiki figures for my clients. The S.I.C. plate and neck strap sold out very fast in the morning though.

Although there will still be a small quantity of the Ryuga exclusive figure available for purchase tomorrow, I won't be attending the exhibition again to purchase the remaining quantities my other clients requested, so my apologies to clients who wanted the Ryuga figure. I only managed to get one for the first client who requested it (first come, first served basis) and I tried to get more but they're all sold out too quickly. I will be attending Tokyo Toy Festival on Sunday and I gotta work on the remaining days of the exhibition, so the first two days were the only days I could attend the exhibition.

I had a blast checking out all the amazing S.I.C. diorama sculptures during the two days I attended the exhibition. No matter how many times I get into the museum and examining each piece again and again, they still manage to take my breath away. It's totally different from looking at the pictures in the diorama stories when you get to check out the actual thing with your own eyes and examining them from every possible angle. Here's hoping they'll plan more S.I.C. exhibitions in the near future! And more S.I.C. exclusives to buy, too!

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