Sunday, March 04, 2007

Haul pics - 04 March 2007

Got the following items from the delivery man in the past week but was too busy to post haul pics after I received them. There are multiple pieces for the Witchblade Masane Amaha and the Busou Shinki Naked Bodies, but most of them were packed and shipped out to clients before I managed to take haul pics of all items.

Kotobukiya Witchblade 1/6 Masane Amaha Kotobukiya Shop exclusive - 3 pieces - 8,190 yen each

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Naked White (3 pieces), Flesh (2 pieces), Black (4 pieces) bodies - 1,890 yen each

Mega House Art Works Monsters Limited-02 Another Agito original color version - 12,000 yen

Click here for the picture gallery.

There'll be lots of posts on upcoming exclusive orders so check back real soon for updates!

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