Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Akihabara pics - 10 March 2007

It's been a long while since I last took pics of Akihabara and the hobby stores that populate the area. Much had changed since my first Akihabara pics taken back in 8 July 2006. So, I decided on last Saturday to take some shots of the area and some of the stores there to share with all of you the place I call 'Toy Heaven'! There'll be a more comprehensive coverage of Akihabara with pics of all the major hobby stores, as well as other places of interest, to be available in the future, which is whenever I have the time to do it. For now, click here to check out the picture gallery. Feel free to post any comments and suggestions of what you'd like to see more pics of in my next Akihabara pics post. Enjoy!


Nanami said...

Woaaah, this sure is like heaven :OOO
One day.. One day I'll go there ;_; And I'll become like, absolutley poor. All these showcases looks totally awsome, aaaww ;_; *envy*
And maaaaids! How cute!

Oh, I'm not sending you an email about it because it's just curiousity, but how much does that Magical Girl Rin from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia cost? :O The one in there:

If you really have the time to do it, please make more photos, I love seeing them <3 (thuogh it's killing me for ENVYNESS)

Josef said...

Wow! Akiba is such a small place - I'm shocked that there is so much I managed to miss last time I was there.

Tokyo Hunter said...

That Magical Girl Rin item is for display only. They don't have any for sale and I've yet to see one available at any of the stores in Akihabara.

Philip said...

In the curiosity department, does Fewture still have a shop?

Tokyo Hunter said...


This is the first time that I heard Fewture had an actual store. If you know the address, I'll go and check it out if I'm in the area.

Anonymous said...

Wow ...
You have no idea how Much i'd give just to be there .. @@
wow , Can't wait to go there
Amazing Joseph . T_T

Thank you So MuCh for the tour . ^~