Saturday, March 17, 2007

Haul pics - 17 March 2007

Got slightly bigger haul today from Day 2 of the S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition. All items were purchased for clients except for one S.I.C. neck strap & plate, which is for myself that I didn't manage to get on Day 1.

Four pieces Kamen Rider Hibiki Maziora color version - 6,000 yen each

One piece Kamen Rider Ryuga [Dragblacker] - 5,500 yen

One S.I.C. Imaginaiton Works Limited plate - 500 yen

Two S.I.C. Imaginaiton Works Limited neck strap & plate - 800 yen each

Four Kikaider clear ver. trading figure - free with each entrance ticket

This came in the mail yesterday for clients:
Three piece Busou Shinki MMS Naked White Body - 1,800 yen per piece

And I bought these two for my clients after the S.I.C. Imagination Works exhibition yesterday:
Alter Fate/hollow ataraxia 1/8 scale Rider swinsuit PVC Hobby Japan exclusive - 8,190 yen

Bandai Kamen Rider Blade helmet - 1,000 yen

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