Saturday, March 24, 2007

16th Tokyo Toy Festival coverage

I attended the 16th Tokyo Toy Festival held at Tokyo Big Sight on March 18th and met up with a couple of guys from I got the opportunity to shake hands with Masato Uchiyama (TheBee & PunchHopper actor from Kamen Rider Kabuto show) and got him to sign a TheBee Rider Form soft vinyl figure I got for 300 yen at one of the sellers there. The guy sure has soft and warm hands! About 95% of the people lining up to get his signature were female from teenagers to married women in their 40s. Some of them even cried after getting to talk to the guy and shook his hands!

Check out my coverage of the event on HobbyLink Japan. Next up, Tokyo International Anime Fair!


Philip said...

GAH! I can almost see the Mazinger 1969 poster in the Fewture booth!

I really loved the 1901 line.

Tokyo Hunter said...


No photography was allowed for the sketches. They were originally announced at WonderFest 2007 Winter. Photos of the EX Gohkin Doublas and Boss Borot were revealed at Tokyo Toy Festival and they looked amazing! Priced at nearly 20,000 yen each. The Mazinger 1969 sketches and photos of the next EX Gohkin releases are revealed in Hobby Japan May 2007 issue.

Philip said...

I had heard no photos were allowed... But still... so close!

I did see Doublas and Boss Borot today in a forum. Wow! So nice. Right up there with the Getters they did.