Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jump Festa 2009 - Toys

Here's the final part of my Jump Festa 2009 coverage featuring a selection of MegaHouse and Bandai toys displayed at the event.

These are Bandai's One Piece Styling trading figures in custom diorama with same-scale Thousand Sunny. I got no space for something that big even if one is available for purchase. However, I can't wait till I get the Banpresto Thousand Sunny game-prize item! There's a Going Merry game-prize item as well that I have on order.

MegaHouse is set to release P.O.P Aokiji in May 2009.

P.O.P. Dracule Mihawk is also coming in May 2009. Hmm ... wonder if that big sword of his can be stored on his back.

Karu out in March 2009.

P.O.P. chilhood version of One Piece characters. They're cute, doesn't take up much shelf space, and quite affordably priced. I might have to start collecting these!

MegaHouse showed some rather interesting ways to display those Chara Fortune figures.

Mmmm...plastic cookies!

Cobra & Airbike set for March release. 15,000 yen for this?! Ouch!


More pics in my flickr gallery.

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Oh said...

Joseph, nice coverage on the Jump Festa 2009 event.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Thanks! Check back tomorrow for Hobby Complex coverage! ^^