Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hobby Complex 06 - Figures

Hobby Complex 06 was held at Tokyo Big Sight on 21 December 2008. This was the third Hobby Complex event in Tokyo. Previous events had been in Kobe, Osaka. My coverage for the past two Hobby Complex events in Tokyo can be found in the links below:

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The quarterly event certainly has grown into one of the biggest hobby events to look forward to since Wonder Festival had been put on hold indefinitely due to the escalator incident during the summer event that took place this year. Hobby Complex started off as a small flea market event with some sculptor circles and lots of dealers consisting of toy shops and individuals selling their used and new goods at bargain prices. One can also find a treasure trove of vintage and limited goods for sale at varying prices. Most of them can be negotiated with near closing time to get stuff for even lower prices.

This post covers some of my top favorite figures from the event and some other interesting figures of note. Next post will feature the naughty girls i.e. NSFW stuff! ^^

On top of my list of favs is this Morrigan figure, which is the best sculpt of the character I've seen thus far! Looks like it was based on a Shunya Yamashita art.

Speaking of Shunya, Yamato is working on a PVC figure of one of his girls.

Not a Shunya design but she looks lovely and erm ... perky! Mmm...titilating ... ok enough of that ... ^^;

A realistic version of Yoko. Hawt! Seriously hoping this will be turned into a PVC soon. Work by Klondike. They also sculpted the girl above.

Event exclusive resin kit by Atelier-Sai. Priced at 14,000 yen.

Here are a couple more really gorgeous Kanu kits.

Kit of Miku by Clayz.

Don't remember who did these but I much prefer the Clayz version of Miku.

Really big kit of Mizuho. She's in 1/4 scale if I remember correctly.

Isako from Dennou Coil. I highly recommend the show to anyone who has yet to watch it. It's one of my favorite anime shows!

Hazuki from Moyashimon.

Noriko from Gunbuster. Love the detail and coloring on this gorgeous piece.

Sheryl in her very revealing stage outfit. The sculpt and body shape kinda resembles that of G-Taste, don't you think?

Here's another one of Sheryl in a slightly different pose and more anime accurate.

G-Taste-style Motokos. Were those really that big?!

Bastard child of Blythe and Nendoroid.

Cast off!

Nice and pearly!

One of the best Fraulein Revoltech customs I've seen thus far. Sculptor was selling resin parts for modelers to customize the Fraulein Revoltech Asuka figure.

Raqel Gothic kit by Vispo.

Daiki Kogyo will be producing a PVC figure of this. I much prefer the original resin kit version. NSFW pic of the resin kit version to be uploaded soon!

Amaterasu and Sakuya from Okami.

Not sure which series this is from but I love the design! Disgaea maybe?

Cerberus Project's new Creative Action Figure resin kit of Seras Victoria from Hellsing sold at the event. Kit comes molded in color but some parts will require painting. Here's hoping that one of the toy companies will mass produce this as a completed action figure!

I'm not familiar with the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series and had only seen a couple clips from the anime but these are pretty good sculpts!

Not figure related but still very impressive. It's a 1/1-scale helmet of the Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2! Best horror game, ever!

They had a resin kit of the Pyramid Head for sale at the event. Only two kits were produced for sale at the show at 10,000 yen each. I'd consider buying one if it was a completed piece.


They're not the best looking sculpts I've seen but being able to sculpt all the characters and line them up for display like this is certainly worthy of praise!

179 pics in my flickr gallery below:

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cub3k_cub3 said...

Tokyohunter, seriously we have to say thank you for giving up your time to upload all the picture and all the coverage of the show.

It's very useful for all of us who live outside of japan.

And happy Merry Christmas mate.

Panther said...

Merry Christmas dude!

Also it is great that Eve finally gets a PVC, but I agree, the original resin is better. Daiki Kougyo I hardly trust too, but I will take a look at the final sample...then again the mass produced version is likely to have more errors in the finishing than anything else. :\

xChewy said...

Merry Christmas & thanks for the awesome coverage!

Hope you have a good one!!~

Tokyo Hunter said...

Merry Christmas!!

You're most welcome! Always happy to share! More pics coming soon!

I've just uploaded the resin Eve pics into my flickr account. She looks gorgeous! I might have to consider picking one up the next time and commission a builder to complete the kit for me.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Got another post to go before I get back to posting news on upcoming exclusives. Plenty of them to post this time. Gonna attend Comiket this weekend, too.

Johnson Huang said...

Merry Christmas Joseph.

Thanks for this post. I'd love to get my hands on Atelier-Sai's Kanu and vispo's Raqel Gothic.

Tokyo Hunter said...

You're welcome! Yeah, Vispo's Raqel Gothic is a beautiful piece. I'd love to get a PVC figure of one.