Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hobby Complex 03 coverage

Back from Hobby Complex 03 held at Tokyo Big Sight today. This is my second time attending a Hobby Complex event (click here for my coverage of Hobby Complex 02) and already it is becoming my favorite event to look forward to every four months in Tokyo! Organized by Art Storm/Fewture, the same company that organizes the quarterly Super Festival event, this third Hobby Complex (second time in Tokyo) featured more special guest appearances with signing sessions than the previous event and getting slightly more crowded, too.

Special guests at this event include Yasushi Nirasawa, Takayuki Takeya, Keita Amemiya, and Akira Kamiya.

Yasushi Nirasawa signing a Super Festival 46 flyer for me. He provides illustration work for all Super Festival flyers, and he's the creature designer for Kamen Rider Blade, Kamen Rider Kabuto, Hellboy, and many others. Picture on the right are of some of his sculptures. More pictures in my Flickr gallery here.

World famous sculptor and illustrator Takayuki Takeya signing my S.I.C. Kamen Rider Pre-Amazon! Aside from sculpting S.I.C. figures, he's also famous for his mechanical and creature designs for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Alien and Predator sculptures, GARO action figure sculptures, and this extremely gory diorama work! Not for the squeamish! Picture on the right shows some of his surreal and nightmarish sculptures on display at the event.

Keita Amemiya, one of my top favorite directors, signing my GARO book! He doesn't just signs, he draws with his ink brush!

Some of Keita Amemiya's works for sale including "Kiba" illustration book, Zeiram movie script and t-shirts.

Vispo's Asuka & Yoko kits. Sweet!

Hobby Complex 03 coverage gallery

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