Thursday, March 27, 2008

Toranoana Atai Cirno & Sutten Udonge

Item: Touhou Soft Vinyl Series: 01 Atai Cirno & 02 Sutten Udonge
Height: 25cm (Atai Cirno) & 13cm (Sutten Udonge)
Series: Touhou Project
Maker: Toranoana
Retail price: 2,625 yen each
Release date: May 2008
Info: Toranoana exclusive.


Anonymous said...

the toranoana site makes it look like a mail order

id love to get them but ive no idea whether a deputy service would do a mail order

who knows, i might give it a shot

danielmer said...

they look so cute

Jahmmon said...

I believe it's "Udonge", not "Odonge".

-Touhou fan

Tokyo Hunter said...

Typo corrected. Thanks!! :-)