Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Super Festival 46 coverage

It's that time of year again for another quarterly Super Festival event held in the halls of the Tokyo Science Museum. I attended the 46th Super Festival yesterday and brought home some nice goodies which I will detail in my haul post following this post. Here are some of the highlights of the event.

Initially scheduled for a Fall 2007 release, the Fewture Direct exclusive EX Gokin Tachikoma Naked Color Ver. finally has a confirmed release date to come out in June 2008.

Another Fewture Direct exclusive on display, here's EX Gokin Jyuohmaru set for release in Summer 2008. I've never seen the show before but the figure sure looks great! A bit way out of my budget though ...

Fewture Direct exclusive EX Gokin Mazinger 1969 Go Nagai repaint version coming out next month.

Two lovely gals from Hoshifuru announced as upcoming PVC releases from Fewture. September 2008 release at 5,800 yen each.

Buyers in search for great bargain deals and rare finds in one of the halls.

Deep, deep, deeeeep discounts on plastic kits! I'd buy them if only I had the time to build them...

Here's another great bargain deal that one usually find at such flea market events. Recently released SOC Raideen on 23-25% off!!

Korudo Daiou (King Cold) painted prototype on display alongside Metal Freeza, which is an 18th Tokyo Toy Festival exclusive.

Box full of vintage Street Fighter and G.I. Joe figures. Terrible condition and most of them were priced at 4,000 yen each!

Devilstock t-shirt by Snipe Head. Only 100 were made for sale at the event and priced at 4,000 yen. Very nice design but way out of my budget for a t-shirt.

More pricey t-shirts. These tokusatus t-shirts are priced at 3,990 yen each and can be ordered through Bandai Fashion Net.

5,000 yen each for any one of these freaky Ronald McD dolls. Any takers? ^^;

More pics can be viewed in the following link:

Super Festival 46 coverage gallery

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