Saturday, April 26, 2008

EX Gokin Roboshi WORKS Jyuohmaru

Item: EX Gokin Roboshi WORKS Jyuohmaru
Height: 23cm
Series: Plawres Sanshiro
Maker: Art Storm/Fewture Models
Retail price: 17,800 yen
Order deadline: 10 June 2008
Release date: September - October 2008
Info: Fewture Direct exclusive.


Redbelt said...

Where can I get this at a decent price? Angolz are charging too much for it.

Tokyo Hunter said...

I can assist you with the order. Contact me at

Anonymous said...

I wanna buy it, am living in Saudi Arabia, can you please reply??
Mobile + 966 500 11 38 21

Mohd Allaz