Monday, April 07, 2008

Haul pics - 06 April 2008

Here are the latest additions to my growing collection of signed goodies! Bought the following items from Hobby Complex 03:

Two Zeiram 2 small posters. One free poster with each purchase of any items at the Keita Amemiya Master of Art booth. I had the Zeiram illustration poster signed on the front and back. Now I gotta think of how I'm gonna frame it up to show both the front and back sides of the poster! Perhaps I'll just put it in a clear holder.

Keita Amemiya's Kiba visual works book - 4,500 yen - signed on the second page after the front cover.

Two Hobby Japan GARO mooks - 2,000 yen each - I brought mine over and bought another one to have it signed for my friend. One signed by Keita Amemiya and another signed by both Takayuki Takeya and Keita Amemiya. The latter was sold to my friend.

Fewture Green Man Chrysalis - 2,980 yen - signed by sculptor Yasushi Nirasawa! Perfect to go along with my clear Man Chrysalis also signed by him!

One on the left is Bandai S.I.C. Kamen Rider Pre-Amazon Toei Hero Net exclusive that I brought to the event and got S.I.C. sculptor Takayuki Takeya to sign it! He stamped his seal on the Pre-Amazon text as well but didn't stay on there visibly. The Super Festival 46 flyer was signed by Yasushi Nirasawa after he signed the Green Man Chrysalis.

A white autograph board signed by famous voice actor Akira Kamiya - 3,000 yen - yes, it cost that much for an autograph ... hope to meet him next time and get his signature on my 1/48 VF-1S 25th anniversary version.

Red Mausoleum Ajari t-shirt size L - 2,800 yen - illustration by Keita Amemiya

Fewture Zeiram 2 Dokuro Kwan-Non soft vinyl figure - 2,500 yen - sculpted by Takayuki Takeya - I have absolutely zero interest in this item but had to get one in order to get one signature from Takayuki Takeya. Bought two. One sold to a friend. Anyone interested in buying it off me please email

Check out more photos in my flickr set linked below:

Haul pics - 06 April 2008 gallery


snaakpac said...

The Nirasawa Man Chrysalis vinyl figure looks really cool ... His resin kit designs are amazing just like Takeya's ...

Tokyo Hunter said...

Yeah, the Man Chrysalis is great! Got both the green and clear versions. I hope he works on something new for the next Hobby Complex in Tokyo.

Philip Shade said...

So much cool Nira stuff. So jealous!