Thursday, May 01, 2008

Haul pics - 29 April 2008

I got a few sweet deals from Tuesday's Super Festival and came home later that evening to a package containing Nendoroid Lucky Star Chara-Ani exclusives!

The latest addition to my Rider Mask Display collection! Got the Kamen Rider Stronger mask from a dealer at Super Festival for 900 yen about 30 minutes before the start of the event. Just a few minutes before the event started, the guy marked the price up to 1,200 yen after realizing that he's the only seller that has it for sale! ^^; This is the first Rider mask in the series that does not have clear eyes.

I immediately snagged up a Neca Biohazard 10th anniversary Zombie figure at Super Festival when my favorite Kamen Rider creature designer Yasushi Nirasawa pointed out that it was a mere 300 yen, and he was about to pay for his when I met him at the event. He got the figure because he wanted the zombie dog, while I love both zombies but never got one 'cus of the high 2,400 yen retail until it was on sale at just 300 yen.

My S.I.C. Kamen Rider Blade series collection is now complete with the addition of this Toei Hero Net exclusive S.I.C. Kamen Rider Garren Jack Form! Got two for the price of 12,000 yen each. Seller originally wanted 15,000 yen for one but I managed to get him to lower the price down to 12,000 yen when I offered to get two pieces off him. The extra piece was purchased on behalf of my friend. A little pricey but considering that it's currently going for 15,000-18,000 yen at the hobby stores in Akihabara, I think it's a good deal.

Speaking of good deals, I got this unopened set of two at the event for 4,000 yen! Not too far from the original retail price of 1,700 yen each.

A short while after I got back from Super Festival, the delivery man came over to drop off a package containing the Chara-Ani exclusive Nendoroid Lucky Star figures. Here's the official homepage version of Konata and Kagami.

And here's the Chara-Ani version of Konata and Kagami. I'm still deciding whether I should keep the official homepage version or the Chara-Ani version. Both versions look so adorable!

Check out more pics in the following link:

Haul pics - 29 April 2008 gallery


Mödö said...

TH~ great hauls!

I taut u were selling Rei&Asuka AC figures awhile back at ur ebay?~ maybe it was just Rei, can't remember... =P

BTW, did u get the Doraemon: Oshishi Kamen set? Or did I miss it when u post it at ebay? (・_・?)

miaka_rose said...

Lucky star nendoroids! been looking everywhere for this - hopefully i win the bidding for this one

Tokyo Hunter said...

Yeah, I auctioned off Rei & Asuka as a set a while back and will be auctioning this latest set off this weekend. I didn't get the Oshishi Kamen item 'cus no one requested for it and I didn't think it would sell. If there's something you want, email me and I'll help you out. ;-)

Mödö said...

Okie thnx TH 八(^□^*)
Looking forward to ur nxt listing~