Saturday, December 13, 2008

Konami Figumate Sweet Snake

Just got these super-cute Figumate renditions of MGS4 characters a couple days back. Ordered a set for myself and several other sets were sold to my customers. At the time of this post, I still have a few sets left for sale so if anyone is interested, please contact me for details. I will also have a set up for auction on eBay this weekend.

Announced in August, these Figumate reditions of Ocelot, Snake, Raiden, and Otacon were designed by Yoji Shinkawa but the actual 7cm figures resemble more like Barasui's Strawberry Marshmallow characters IMO.

Snake is such a cutie! I don't like the unsightly gap in the articulated torso though, and the separate headband part can be rather difficult to attach to the back of Snake's head.

Ocelot! Behind you! O_O

Raiden is my favorite from the set, but mine has a slight smudge on her face. -_-;; The painting on the rest of the figure looks great though. Nice finish on the body suit and especially the glossy black coat.

Otacon is irresistibly cute as a girl! Looks kinda like Matsuri from Strawberry Marshmallow.

Two sheets of Sweet Snake Para Para Animation storyboard included in the set. Storyboard illustrated by Nobuyoshi Nishimura. You can cut the sheets and arrange in sequence, then flip the papers with your thumb to view the short animation of each character.

Comes with concept illustrations of each character, too. Illustrated by Nobuyoshi Nishimura and editorial supervision by Yoji Shinkawa.

Aside from the slight paint flaws, they're a cute bunch of figs of anime-style girls cosplaying as the four main MGS4 characters. They're my first set of Figumates, too! Check out the official page for more info.

More photos in my flickr gallery.


Joe1991 said...

have wanted these for so long! watching your ebay O_O

Eugene Co said...

I have messaged you in Ebay and am waiting for your reply! I am interested in these cute figumate figures too! I collect nendoroids, figumates, pinky st, ichigo mashimaro figures and many more.....!!!