Monday, December 22, 2008

Jump Festa 2009 coverage

Jump Festa 2009 was held on 20-21 December 2008 at Makuhari Messe. This was my second time since 2006 that I attended the annual Jump Festa event. I had to skip last year's event, unfortunately. This time I had the good company of my friend Xenohawk to check out the event together.

Giant Ichigo and Naruto welcomed attendees to the event at the main entrance into the first of three halls at the event.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the annual Jump Festa event and also the 40th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. How many weekly issues since their first publication until the end of this year? You do the math. ;-)

Past Weekly Shonen Jump magazine covers.

Stand close enough to the flat screen TV and the camera on top of it along with software will add Naruto hair, headband, and "whiskers" on you face on the TV.

Same for this one except it adds flame on your forehead or Reborn's hat if you're short.

Many major game companies like Banpresto, Capcom, Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco and others attended the event as they did for previous Jump Festa events. Not sure when they started doing this but seems like Tokyo Game Show Jr. to me.

SF4 demo was available for play at the event. Winners of five consecutive fights against five human players got SF4 caps. I almost got the cap when I first played the demo at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Lost in the fifth round to a player using Guile. I tried to win the cap again this time but lost to another player who used Guile. I used Ryu. They only had arcade sticks there but I'm no good at it. =_=;;

Life-size replica of the armor suit from Monster Hunter.

I want a poster of this!!

Life-size Bartholemew Kuma!! This game lets players throw balls at the target at the center of his body. Not sure what happens if you hit it though as I didn't stay long enough to check. ^^;

Giant Reborn and Gintoki watched over the attendees.

Replica of Ichigo Kurosaki's hollow mask. BANKAI! Looked like it was meant to be wearable by a performer. There's a black strap behind the mask.

Those who wanted to buy official merchandise at the Jump Shop had to stand in line for at least 60 minutes just to get into the area! Probably another 15-20 minutes to queue up and pay at the cashier.

Check my flickr gallery for all the pics.

Jump Festa 2009 - Cosplay
Jump Festa 2009 - Saint Seiya
Jump Festa 2009 - Square Enix
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Anonymous said...


I was just wondering how the event works. Do you have to purchase tickets ahead of time, or is it setup that you only need to pay when you arrive? Thanks!

Tokyo Hunter said...

One word: FREE! ^^

If you're in Japan for the next Jump Festa on 19 December 2009, let me know and let's check out the event together!

Thalia said...

Most likely i will be heading over to japan for jump festa this year (2010) where exactly is the location for jump festa??