Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hobby Complex 06 - Sci-Fi

Here's the final part of my Hobby Complex 06 event coverage. 1/144 Linebarrel Volks Version pictured above. Coming in January 2009.

Cerberus Project resin kit of Space King Kittan. I never really liked any of the Gunmen designs aside from Gurren Lagann and its various combinations. But this sculpt of Space King Kittan is pretty well done. I'm actually starting to like the Kittan now. ^^;

Canti resin kits. I don't remember which sculptor circle did this but they actually just made one kit of Canti from FLCL and a parts pack so you can build either one of three versions. This wasn't the first time the kits were made available. I think it was at this year's summer Wonder Festival that they released it. I've sen pics of them but this was the first time I saw them in person. I was seriously considering to buy the kits. Canti kit cost 8,000 yen and parts cost 6,000 yen. Perhaps I might buy the kits when they're available next time. I'll need to find someone who can build it for me first. I want all three!

Iron Man trading figures from Yamato! Definitely getting a set of this!

Yamato revealed their upcoming 1/60 VF-11B with Super Parts. April release with retail price of 18,800 yen.

Yamato's 1/60 VF-1D. February 2009 release. Retails at 9,800 yen.

Yamato 1/24 AV-98 Ingram #1. I'm liking it each time I see it! Definitely the best and biggest Ingram thus far. But at 28,000 yen retail ... ouch!

GN-U Dou VF-1S Hikaru coming soon from Yamato. No price or release date announced.

Marking stickers for Yamato's 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk. Only available through Yamato's online shop and hobby events that Yamato attends. 850 yen per sheet. I bought one for a friend and another one for the buyer who recently won my eBay auction for the Tomahawk weathering special.

Marking stickers applied on Tomahawk weathering special.

Marking stickers for Yamato's 1/15 Garland figures. I have two sheets for sale. Contact me for details.

Stickers applied on Proto Garland.

One of the best original pieces at the show IMO. Absolutely stunning detail! This blue dragon was one of the many brilliant completed masterpieces sold at Kamaty Moon's table at Hobby Complex. I'm afraid to check the price for this one. Probably in the six digit range. ^^;

Another one of Kamaty Moon's beautiful pieces. Pretty small but check the price tag on this thing! O_O

Mecha name is at the tip of my tongue but can't seem to get it out. Upcoming action figure from A-Label.

A-Label also announced their plans to make a die-cast model of Shooting Star from the R-Type series. Yup! Die-cast, baby! Yeah! Doesn't seem like there will be any Options though. No price or release date yet.

Resin kit of Rockman. Sold out pretty quickly.

Moe version of Aphrodite A (left) and Venus A (right). Want! But too bad they're resin kits ...

Itasha Binaltech Tracks.

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Anonymous said...

That mecha you have at the tip of your tongue is Great Zeorymer. Pretty famous, not from the manga or anime, but from SRW.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Ah yes, Great Zeorymer! Thanks for that! I've used it in several of the SRW games but I rely mostly on the Go Nagai 'bots instead. ^^

Anonymous said...

where can i get the king kittan?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Only at hobby events such as this. I've not seen the Cerberus Project sculptor circle offering the kit at the previous events after this one so they probably only made a limited quantity sold at this event only. It is highly unlikely that they will offer their old resin kits for sale at upcoming events.