Sunday, August 19, 2007

C3xHobby Chara Hobby 2007

This marks my second time attending a Chara Hobby event and I'm rather disappointed to see so few exhibitors there and very low attendee numbers compared to last year's event. Nothing much to see there since most of the stuff on display were already shown at last week's WonderFest 2007 Summer and Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007 events.

Highlights at the event that stood out in my mind are:

S.I.C. Takumi Tamashii Vol. 9 - Lineup include Hiibiki, Robot Detective K, Kamen Rider #1 The First, Cyclone The First. They all look impressive except for KR#1 The First though. Would be nice to see him in an action pose rather than just standing straight. Gonna put him on Cyclone anyway so it doesn't matter.

S.O.C. God Mars - Had the hefty God Mars combining toy during my childhood years. Broken through rough play and thrown away by my mom. Looking forward to see how this one turns out!

Movie Realization EVA-01 - Placed my preorder immediately when it was listed up. Unbelievable bio-mechanical detailing. Can't wait for this piece!

1/1 Scopedog - Finally got to see the 1/1 scale Scopedog in person! My eyes were on the cosplaying girl most of the time though. That girl is hawt!

Max Factory Dragonar-1 - Saw it at WonderFest 2007 Summer and now had more time to take a good look at it. I definitely prefer this one over the S.O.C. Tamashii Spec Dragonar-1.

1/100 Shin Musha Gundam - A custom kit but would love to have a MG kit of this. You hear me, Bandai! Please make one!

Kamen Rider V3 The Next - Prop suit on display at the event along with KR#1 & #2, and bikes. Movie premiers on October 27. Gonna watch it on the first day for sure! I still can't help but feel that they could have changed the helmet design a little bit more. Looks odd to me.

Psycho Gundam resin kit - Saw this at last year's Chara Hobby and still can't get enough of it. If only they'd offer it as a plastic model kit, I'd buy one in a heart beat!

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Sorrento said...

Many thanks for all the photos, especially the Saint Seiya ones.

Thanks again dude!

pope_shion said...

Hello! Congratulations for this blog.

I have a question about this pic:

could you translate to us the meaning of the poster that is below?

Thanks ^^

Tokyo Hunter said...

No prob!

Not sure if my translation is correct but here goes: "Pluto Hades Elysion edition."

pope_shion said...

Thank you very much!

It is a kind of ad for Elysion Chapter.. but could means that a new line for BanDai (Elysion characters) will be released ^ ^

Many Thanks again !

Tokyo Hunter said...

Yes, a new line of Elysion characters is planned.