Monday, August 13, 2007

WonderFest 2007 Summer haul pics

The two boxes of exclusives I shipped from WonderFest came in this morning. Way earlier than expected. Big thanks goes out to Sagawa Express. If it weren't for them providing delivery service at the event, I'd probably only be able to carry back 30% of this haul due to the packaging size of most of the items. At the end of the day, I managed to purchase roughly 80% of clients' requested items and got some extras for a select few waiting in queue for the exclusives, too.

Ignis the White event limited ver. was the first item I lined up for due to it's limited quantity. I was planning to get in line for Alter's Fate/Zero Saber & Irisviel set after purchasing Ignis but the line had reached to about 300 people long, stretching all the way outside of the building with people melting under the hot summer heat. I decided to skip it because it'll be at least an hour and 30 minutes wait in line and had I lined up for one, I probably won't be able to get the rest of the exclusives. Saber & Irisviel set sold out within the first hour and 30 minutes.

Here's a list of items I got for my clients:

Xenosaga EPIII 1/8 KOS-MOS ver. 4 Fatima Gras mode PVC - 200 pcs LTD – 7,000 yen

CM's Corporation
Transformers Zone Cybertron Commander Dai Atlas – 4,200 yen

Good Smile Company
Fate/stay night Nendoroid Hetare Saber Alter – 1,500 pcs LTD – 2 pieces - 3,000 yen each
Fate/tiger colosseum Saber Lion stuffed doll – 1,000 pcs LTD – 2,500 yen
Nendoroid Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya bunny girl set – 2,000 pcs LTD – 2 pieces - 7,000 yen each

Griffon Enterprise
Disgaea 1/7 Etna resin kit – 200 pcs LTD – 4,800 yen

GSI Creos
Pinky:st weapon set – 2 pieces - 2,000 yen each

Hobby Japan
Queen's Blade Pinky P Chara Airi resin kit – 2,500 yen

Evangelion New Movie Ver. Revoltech EVA-01 + Positron Rifle set – 3 pieces - 3,000 yen each
Evangelion New Movie Ver. Revoltech EVA-00 + ESV shield set – 3 pieces - 3,000 yen each
RevoPlier - 2 pieces - FREE

Max Factory
Capcom vs SNK 2 1/6 Mai Shiranui extra color ver. PVC - 1,500 pcs LTD – 2 pieces - 7,800 yen each
Summer clothing Haruhi & “Adventures of Mikuru Asahina” expansion set PVC – 2,000 pcs LTD – 2 pieces - 6,000 yen each

Medicom Toy
Be@rbrick 100% Transformers 2pc set – 2 pieces - 1,890 yen each
Lion Maru G RAH Shishi Tora – 2 pieces - 14,000 yen each

Orchid Seed
Ikki Tousen 1/7 Ryofu Housen goth loli ver. PVC – 200 pcs LTD – 6,800 yen
Jingai Makyo 1/7 Ignis The White event limited ver. PVC – 200 pcs LTD – 11,700 yen

Takara Tomy
Evangelion Microman Rei Bandaged Ver. - 1,500 yen


Neon Genesis Evangelion 1/6 Rei Ayanami completed statue - 15,540 yen
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1/6 Asuka Langley completed statue - 15,540 yen

Shining Wind SRSP Zecty Eve - 1,000 pcs LTD - 2 pieces - 2,000 yen each

Yes, this is what the most requested Orchid Seed's Ignis The White event limited ver. packaging looks like. Packed inside a bland white box with a sticker identifying the item. Can't they even slap a picture of the item on the box? Their Ryofu Housen goth loli ver. is also packed in a bland white box.

More pics.

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