Thursday, August 23, 2007

Client testimonial #56

Testimonial from client #124:

Joseph Tsai has got to be one of the greatest assets a collector can have. After looking around for three legend of gokin figures I decided to try out Tokyo Hunters services and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Joseph found them for me, sent me pictures and pricing, and then shipped them out immediately after payment. The whole process from start to finish took less time than most sellers in the U.S. take to ship an item to me domestically. Communication and packaging were top notch! A pleasant experience.

Items purchased:

Soft Garage Legend of Gokin Giant Robo
Soft Garage Legend of Gokin Evil Robot GR2
Soft Garage Legend of Gokin Calamity


Ken said...

Hi Joseph,

Sorry for the late response! I just took pictures of Mirei-san today. If you're interested, please take a look.


Tokyo Hunter said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the link! Those are some amazing photos you took. Nice angles too!