Saturday, August 04, 2007

Uchimizukko 2007

I finally met up with the famous Danny Choo today who came in full Stormtrooper armor to attend the Uchimizukko 2007 event held in front of the Akihabara JR station. Danny's a cool and friendly guy to talk to and looking forward to meeting him again in the upcoming summer events!

The Uchimizukko event had maids from all maid cafes in Akihabara lined up at the event space, held small wooden buckets (Oke) of water in their hands, and throwing water on the ground and attendees in the opposite line that are also throwing water on the maids. There was not enough water to cool me and particularly Danny in his suit as we baked under the hot sun taking pics of the event, so we left after we had taken sufficient pics in the first 30 minutes and head for lunch, then cool ourselves down in the air conditioned AsoBitCity store.

Click here for a selection of my favorite shots of the event and check out Danny Choo's post for the complete coverage and the rest of my photos!

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