Monday, August 13, 2007

WonderFest 2007 Summer

My WonderFest 2007 Summer coverage is up! Click here to check out the pics!

I could have taken more pics but I was too dead tired after running from booth to booth, lining up for an average of 30 minutes per booth, purchasing exclusives for clients, then packing them for shipping back to my place.

This is my third WF experience and second time attending a summer WF event. Overall, it was quite an interesting event with tons of new announcements, several of which I just can't wait to get my hands on!

These are on top of my buy list:

Yamato Shunya Yamashita's Rei Ayanami PVC - Finally, a PVC release of REFLECT's resin kit! Been waiting for a PVC version since I saw REFLECT's resin kit offered at last year's World Hobby Festival #15.

Hyper Fate Collection Saber Alter - Not a big fan of the Fate/stay night series but I do love Kenji Ando's work! Got the first Saber figure from the series so I'm definitely picking this one up.

Kaiyodo Revoltech Shin Getter-1 - About damn time they make a Revoltech figure of my all time favorite super robot! "STONER SUNSHINE!"

Max Factory Karas - No price or release date yet. I want one now, damnit!

Mega House Action Works Gavan - My childhood hero in shining armor! Got one pre-ordered here.

Organic Hellsing Alucard - Tiny little thing at roughly 10cm tall (or more) to the top of the chair but that's not stopping me from getting one!

Mega House Claymore Clare PVC - Heck yeah! I'm not into collecting female figures much but this I definitely want! Love the show to bits. The show kinda reminds me of Berserk but with all female characters.

I forgot which dealer table this was at but this Bubble Head Nurse resin kit from Silent Hill 2 is bloody amazing! Here's hoping one of the toy companies will release a PVC version of it soon!

After checking out pics of new announcements at this summer's WF, what's on your buy list?


Belela-san said...

Thanks for the heads up on some figures. Yeah I can't wait for Clare's figure that'll be one PVC that I won't look at the price and get her since I'm a big fan of Claymore. Good to know about the PVC Ayanami from Shunya but from Yamato.... I'm not very fond of Yamato since the latest jobs have been a little crappy with low quality sculpting and painting, Yamato's figures tend to lean fast.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Here's the info on the Clare PVC I got from this site:

Mega House Excellent Model Claymore 1/8 No.47 Clare PVC
Height: 20cm
Retail price: 5,500 yen (5,775 yen including tax)
Comes with Ilena's right arm. Glossy silver coating on the armor makes them look like diecast metal pieces. Sweet! It'd be perfect if she comes with an optional nearly awakened face! Here's hoping Mega House will release more characters from the series. I'd buy 'em all!

Shunya's Rei from Yamato looked fantastic in person with nice glossy paint job on her suit. But that's just a painted sample. Hope final product will turn out better that their recent releases. I don't normally collect PVC figures mainly because they lean, and not just Yamato's stuff that lean fast though. I've seen Kotobukiya and Max Factory's figures lean real bad even while they're on display at Kotobukiya's store!