Monday, August 28, 2006

Tokyo Hunter eBay auctions list

Here's a list of all exclusive items that I will be listing up on eBay by Monday evening.

WonderFest 2006 Summer exclusives:
Kaiyodo Wonda-chan Loves Evangelion Wonda & Reset
Kotobukiya The Art of Shunya Yamashita: Sera-chan repaint - limited to 300 pieces
Kotobukiya Shana red hair version - limited to 300 pieces

Chara Hobby 2006 & WonderFest 2006 Summer exclusive:
CM's Corporation Rally Car Collection Extra (Mai-Otome)

Double Hero Festival 2006 exclusives
Bandai 30th Anniversary Special 5 Red Set
Bandai Kamen Rider Kabuto White & Brown Worms set

Rare item
NECA Resident Evil 4 Regenerator chase variant - 1 in every 5 cases

Click here for more pics of the items.

Starting price for each item will begin at my cost price, which is the retail price that I got the items for. It's up to the bidders on what the ending price will be for each item. I will post links to the auctions on my blog when they've all been added. Please email me if you have any questions regarding these items.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph,

It is great to see your auctions on Ebay. But please read the Ebay Policy Carfully. Check this.
I know most of Ebay Buyer will do the same thing, but look at their feedback. Most of them are over 500. There are many competitor(Japan account) out there beware man! The first thing I suggest you should do is try your best to get more +feedback first. Never get -feedback as the you are now 0. Normally we will forward all Ebay E-mail to another E-mail account, then we can send anything to the customers which is not against the Ebay policy.


Your friend (Always in your side)

Tokyo Hunter said...

I didn't read the ebay policies and almost wanted to post a link to my blog in the auction descriptions! I can't thank you enough for informing me about this! I will definitely be more careful next time. Thanks!