Friday, August 04, 2006

Client testimonial #2

Another glowing testimonial, this time, from my second client in New York. The item that I helped purchase for him was a vintage Popy Jumbo Machinder Raideen.

I don't happen to have any friends in Japan, and don't have the flexibility to jet to Japan just to buy some toys, so until recently all the great vintage stuff sitting on shelves all over Japan have been completely out of reach. Even the handful of proxy bidding services out there only provide access to those goods being auctioned or sold online. I don’t have any numbers, but common sense tells me these online goods represent just a paltry fraction of the market…

On the face of it, his commissions are on par with those charged by the proxy bidders, but whereas the latter make a tidy profit for - let's face it - not a lot of effort, Joseph's fees are what they are just to cover his expenses travelling two hours round trip to Tokyo, then running all around town from store to store shopping for all of us. He's an avid toy collector himself who's practically running a non-profit operation for those of us not so lucky to be physically located in the mecca of Japanese toy shopping. Even his day job is in the toy world. For those who balk at the fees, they should do the math and employ just a bit of common sense. And besides, the first item is commission free! I've got a beautiful mint in box Jumbo Machinder sitting in my display case, for which I had to pay only shipping and just a little bit more for bubble wrap. (Joseph was careful enough to wrap the item in bubble wrap to ensure careful transit on the train ride from the Mandarake store to his home.) Yes, Joseph actually LOST money on this transaction with me. Frankly, this service is a complete no-brainer. What other alternatives are there?

Prompt and excellent daily communication via email and MSN Messenger. Immediate trip out to Shibuya first thing Saturday morning the week I placed my order. High-resolution pictures of my purchased item from multiple angles, before and after packaging for shipment. Bubble-wrapped item shipped in original Mandarake shopping bag, with receipt taped to it....with everything smothered with air pillows inside an over-sized, sturdy, brand new (not recycled) shipping carton. Sent EMS Monday, arrived in New York City Wednesday. From emailed purchase order to receipt of merchandise, about one week. What more could I possibly ask for?

Thanks, buddy!

A million thanks to you, too! I'll keep you informed with the latest Jumbo Machinder findings! ;) Client #2's reference available upon request.

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