Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bandai Museum pics - 05 August 2006

I visited Bandai Museum on Saturday for the second time (my first visit was back in May 2005) and found it dissapointingly the same as what I've seen in my first trip. There were some slight changes like the addition of a Keroro Gunsou store and a really cool realization of Keroro's room with a 1/1 scale Keroro model, and the addition of the latest Boukenger, Kabuto, SIC, SOC, and Gundam toys on display at the museum. Other than that, everything else remains the same, like this 1/1 scale Gundam RX-78 and 1/1 scale Zaku head. It's a museum that you'd wanna visit only once every 5 years or so. I visited it again this year since this is Bandai Museum's last month in Matsudo after having it open to the public for the past 3 years there. Bandai Museum will be relocated to Shizuoka where their new Bandai factory is located, and waaaaay to far and expensive for me to visit even for an annual trip. Bandai will be releasing a Bandai Museum exclusive First Grade Special Color 3 piece set of Gundam, Zaku, and Char's Zaku model kits as a final exclusive for their museum in Matsudo before they close and relocate. Sale of the exclusive set begins on 12 August 2006.

Click here for my Bandai Museum pics. 372 pics in total!

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