Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Client testimonial #1

I've just received a positive feedback from my first client after he had received his Garo Vol 4 Garo & Gouten box set that I helped acquire for him. Here's his feedback:

Big thanks to our Tokyo Hunter friend. I've just recieved my first purchase from him, Garo vol4 Gouten. He was easy to work with and gave honest prices as proven by the reciept included (taped onto figure box) for the item and the label (noting the shipping prices) on the box. The packaging inside the box was very good as well. The shipping box he used was much larger than the item itself, and the empty space was filled with those air bag things. I'll never be going to ebay for any of these import purchases again, as I don't want to pay those overcharged shipping prices. In the end, I highly recommend Tokyo Hunter. Email responses were sent very quick and whatever problem had arose, it was solved.

Small touches should be noted too. It is very considerate for even including the purchase reciept inside. Thus eliminating any feelings that someone had ripped you off.

Tokyo Hunter does his job very well, and I've had no problems whatsoever. For a plus, the shipment was very quick even on SAL. Even faster than HobbyLink Japan which, when I purchase from them, takes almost a week longer.

A million thanks to Yanho for the positive feedback! If anybody would like to ask for a reference, contact me and I'll provide Yanho's contact as a reference.


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Well good job on the first positive feedback, hope you'll build up your little service here and contirbute to the "community" =P

All the best to you.