Sunday, August 27, 2006

Client testimonial #3

New client testimonial! I got this client from the United States a set of Wonda & Reset WF2006 Summer exclusive figures.

I'm a pretty avid figure buyer and have used different services in the past and there was always something that disappointed me. Either they were too slow, lacked communication, or the prices were outrageous. I didn't have any of those problems with Tokyo Hunter.

My story starts where I was trying to get the limited Wonda-chan figures from the 2006 Summer Wonderfest. I unfortunately found Tokyo Hunter too late as it was the day of Wonderfest. I had already emailed him before I realized my mistake. He returned my email promptly after the festival and explained that he could have gotten me a set if I had only emailed sooner. I later saw that Gainax's Eva store would be selling the Wonda-chan figures so I emailed Tokyo Hunter again to ask if he could order them from there, which he said could and was planning on ordering some from them as well. He placed the order but they wouldn't arrive till the end of September, so he said he'd go ahead and send me one of his extra sets since he noticed how keen I was on obtaining the figures and he'd wait for the one from the Eva store. The package came very fast and was packed securely, he even sent pictures of the package before it was sent! The items were in excellent condition and were obviously treated with great care by Tokyo Hunter.

The greatest thing about Tokyo Hunter is that there's a real person on the other end and that he has the same passion for collecting and understanding of the collector mentality. This is probably the best service I've used and will use again in the future.

Thank you very much for your support! More client testimonials coming soon!

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