Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Client testimonial #5

Client testimonial #5! I helped this client purchase KT Votoms Brutish Dog figure and Blue Knight Weathering version 3 piece set at Chara Hobby 2006. His testimonial is as follows:

I'd never heard of Tokyo Hunter before he started posting his blog updates on toyboxdx.com earlier this year. All I knew was that he was eager to provide foreign collecters with access to sometimes rare and obscure character toys from Japan. I had no real clue as to his reputation or trustworthiness. I watched his updates eagerly for items I'd be interested in, but I only became truly intruiged when he started offering convention exclusives. I was immediately drawn to two items in particular that were going to be available only at the Chara Hobby Convention. Those two items were the Kaiyodo KT-Figure 2 Brutishdog and the CM's Corporation 3-piece Blue Knight Weathering Version box set(which I later found out also included seated versions of the new pilot figures!!) The offer was too tempting to pass up so I e-mailed Tokyo Hunter and made the arrangements for the acquisition of those two items. Communication was a breeze, and I never got a sense that things might go sour. In any case, I can't imagine what it's like to try and get exclusives at a Japanese convention, but I've heard it's a nightmare. Tokyo Hunter came through. Thanks to Tokyo Hunter, I've now been afforded the opportunity to be among the first people to ever handle the new KT Figure and the Blue Knight pilots. Thanks Tokyo Hunter, and keep up the great work!

Thank you very much and looking forward to dealing with you again in the near future!


Brandon said...

Congrates on your 5th testimonial! it looks like you're doing a great job, and at the same time enjoying every bit of it. All the best to you, and I'll see you soon again!

Tokyo Hunter said...

Thanks! You're welcome to visit again anytime! :)