Monday, August 28, 2006

Client testimonial #4

Another glowing client testimonial added! I got him a set of WF2006 Summer Wonda-chan & Reset figures.

I found Tokyo Hunter's blog using Google while I was searching for information on the WF Wonda-chan Evangelion figures just a week before the festival. The two testimonials that he had posted at that point sounded too good to be true, but I was so impressed by the blog overall that I thought it was worth the risk to contact him. I have been fortunate to have made a couple of trips to Tokyo in the past year and a half, so I am personally familiar with how extensive and exhausting the shopping can be, so his stamina and expertise are clearly the best. I'm also very picky, and I've had some stupid transactions on eBay with sellers who have been difficult.

I am VERY glad that I sent that first e-mail. Everything the other testimonials say is true about his very thoughtful and engaged correspondence during the entire transaction as well as the extremely careful and professional packing. The figures were delivered in perfect shape, more perfect than if I had gone to pick them up myself! Also they arrived in Los Angeles on the Friday after the Festival -- when I told some of the staff at Anime Jungle here that I already had my set they couldn't believe it! And with the very reasonable fees that he is charging, there is no doubt that he is providing an amazing service, so much so that I'm already worried that he is going to become very busy!

Since I had contacted him so late, he was very honest with me that there was a chance that he would not be able to get a set of the figures for me. His willingness to make the extra effort paid off, however, big time! From all accounts the Wonder Festival is insane, which makes me all the more impressed that he was able to get me a set with such short notice.

I am already working on a list of other items to send to him. And finally, I agree completely with the last testimonial that it is especially great to have someone real who knows what he is doing providing such a special service.

Thank you very much for your business and looking forward to your next order!

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