Sunday, September 24, 2006

Toys @ Tokyo Game Show 2006!

I was quite surprised to find that they actually had some toys on display at Tokyo Game Show 2006! Square Enix had a whole bunch of upcoming toys on display at their booth showcasing their upcoming items such as the Master Arms series, Mechanical Arts series, Master Creatures 2 (Knights of Round and Odin rocks!), Pixar Formation Arts (I'm definitely getting the entire set of this!), FFXIII Play Arts Heroine (real name yet to be revealed), and FFXII Play Arts. I also saw MP04 packaging on display at Takara Tomy's booth. MP03 and MP04 will be released by this coming Tuesday! Other interesting things include Medicom's RAH MGS4 Snake, Felicia (definitely getting this gorgeous piece!), Biohazard/Resident Evil mini figures, and Basara trading figures.

Click here to check out more pics of the toys on display at Tokyo Game Show 2006!

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