Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Client testimonial #10

I've just received my 10th client testimonial from a very satisfied client from Germany, for whom I've helped purchase some Wonda-chan sets, Toranoanna Maroone & Pram sets, Mai Otome Subaru World Rally Team version figure, some SRDX Xecty Ein figures, and a WonderFest Pinky exclusive for him and his friends at Chara Hobby and WonderFest 2006 Summer. His testimonial is as follows:

I found out about Joseph and his service on and decided to ask him if he could visit Summer Wonder Festival 2006 and buy some of the exclusive figures on sale there for me and some of my friends. When he said yes, I was very happy, because NONE of the other purchasing agents I've done business with so far will ever actually leave their office and visit festivals or real shops to buy stuff! They will only purchase things that are available on the Web (webstores or Yahoo).

So I already knew that Joseph was a bit different and more serious about getting the things his clients want. HOW different and serious he really is, I learned a bit later when it turned out that he had actually spent the night before the festival camping in front of the venue! Some of the figures we wanted were extremely limited (a few hundred for 35,000 visitors or so) and he wanted to be among the first being allowed in in the morning, so he could secure them for us! And he really managed to get almost all of our items that way, something I hadn't even dared to dream of happening before!

The rest of the transaction also went very smoothly and professionally. Joseph is always nice and easy to talk to. Our parcel arrived within a few days after shipment and was very carefully & securely packed. He had even thrown in some goodies he had gathered at the festival (some promotionals items & leaflets) free of charge! So we're a very happy bunch of figure collectors now, all thanks to Joseph! ^^

Morale: Joseph is a great guy who offers a great service for a very reasonable price! I can only wholeheartedly recommend and encourage anyone to use it! I know WE will!

Many thanks for your testimonial J.Z.! ;-) Looking forward to hearing from you soon about your next orders!

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