Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Client testimonial #6

New client testimonial just in! Got him a Chara Hobby 2006 exclusive Kira Yamato Azone doll.

As a fan of Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed (and Gundam Seed Destiny), I already knew Kira Doll from Azone will be finally released in Chara Hobby 2006 as one of the exclusive items. However, getting the exclusive item is very hard for non-residents of Japan unless you delicately plan a trip in advance. So, I was almost going to give up getting the goods, but I did Google search and found Tokyo Hunter.

And there it was!

Tokyo Hunter listed out Chara Hobby 2006 Exclusive Items as well as the item that I was looking for. Reading his postings in the blog, I could trust that Tokyo Hunter is a really fan of Anime—unlike some other people/companies that provide the service—and he can help me getting the item. So without further due, I emailed him and asked about it. With prompt responses and friendly communication, I was very impressed that he actually took a lot of efforts and personal care to get the exclusive item! (Thank you so much!!!!) I strongly recommend Tokyo Hunter for anyone out there who is looking for goods related Anime/Manga from Japan!

Glad to be of service and look forward to your next order!

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