Saturday, September 09, 2006

Akihabara & Nakano sightings - 09 September 2006

Prices shown are store prices, mostly with 5% government sales tax included. All items are in mint condition unless stated otherwise. Interested buyers please contact me at as soon as possible so I can help you with obtaining these items on my next trip.

Kotobukiya Shop
Kotobukiya Shop exclusive PTX-016L Wildfalken - 2,940 yen - mid September 2006 release
Kotobukiya Shop exclusive RPT-007TT-2 Gespenst Mk-II Mass Product Model Type-TT - 3,150 yen - mid October 2006 release

Kaws Companion Pushead version Original Fake exclusive - 35,000 yen
Kaws x Pushead "Companion" realmad Hectic limited color glow in the dark version - 30,000 yen

Fewture Models Alien statue sculpted by Takayuki Takeya - 26,250 yen

Interesting sightings:
Kingdom Hearts II figures just out this week at Kotobukiya Shop, including Kotobukiya Shop exclusive Brave Form Sora selling at 3,990 yen. There are some Brave Form Sora figures left since it went on sale on 04 September but I don't expect them to have any more by next week. Thankfully I managed to get my sets including one for my client.
Revoltech display at Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo.
Revoltech EVA-01 EVA Store exclusive display.
Revoltech EVA-01 exclusive - Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3
Revoltech Ingrams - Pic 1, Pic 2
Revoltech EVA-00 Blue - Pic 1
Revoltech EVA-00 Clear yellow - Pic 1
Berserk Garo & Damaged Zaruba box set on sale at AsoBitCity - 3,980 yen!!
WTF?! Berserk Garo & Damaged Zaruba box set selling below wholesale cost at Kotobukiya Shop - 2,980 yen?!?!?!?!

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Anonymous said...

2980!!!(°-°) I've paid it 5700 at a famous internet shop + 6000 shipping!!
I'm willing to die!!
You can purchase it?

Tokyo Hunter said...

I'm sorry but you'll have to wait until after that "famous internet shop" sold out of its stocks of that item, then I can help you purchase it. ;-)