Sunday, September 10, 2006

EVA Store exclusive Revoltech EVA-01 now open for reservations!

Evangelion Store began taking preorders for the EVA Store exclusive Revoltech EVA-01 Yamashita Ikuto Original Color version on 21 August 2006 and the figure is scheduled for release sometime in December, made-to-order quantities for customers who placed their orders through their website only. It's basically the same Revoltech EVA-01 figure but with some parts made of clear purple plastic plus lots of decals, based on the original color design by Yamashita Ikuto, original mecha designer for the Evangelion series. I had already placed my orders for the exclusive figure last month and plan to set aside 14 pieces available to anyone for reservation. Strictly ONE figure per person. If you are interested in reserving this piece with me, here are the calculations for the total cost of the item excluding shipping fee:

Item cost = 2,000 yen (rounded up from original retail price of 1,995 yen - 5% government sales tax included)
Shipping fee to my apartment = 500 yen
30% commission fee = 750 yen
Paypal fees (3.4% + US$0.30) = 200 yen

TOTAL excluding shipping fee to your country = 3,450 yen

Please contact me immediately at if you would like to place a reservation for this exclusive figure. Currently, 4 people had placed their reservations with me prior to this post. I only have 10 pieces left for reservation.

Deposit of 3,450 yen for the exclusive item is required if you would like to place your reservation with me. I can refund your deposit if you would like to cancel your order but I will need to deduct 200 yen for Paypal fees from your deposit and then refund the balance to you. Please do NOT send me the payment until you have contacted me to place your reservation and after I have confirmed that one piece had been reserved for your order.

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