Sunday, May 10, 2009

Liquid Stone Yuki Nagato Strike Suit CQC resin kit

Liquid Stone's Yuki Nagato Strike Suit (Space Ninja) CQC version color resin cast kit was offered at Hobby Complex 07 last Wednesday. There were easily over 100 people that queued up at the start of the event to buy this kit as well as Liquid Stone's other offerings. I managed to pick one up for a customer that requested for the kit.

Slightly taller than figma Yuki, the kit will stand roughly 16cm tall upon completion and about as articulated as a figma. Resin parts come molded in color and do not require painting but you'll still need to cut and sand down excess resin. Pictured below are completed and painted kits on display at Hobby Complex 07.

Breakdown of parts. 107 in total and come molded in 10 different colors.

This is what the box looks like.

Contents in the box. Plenty of Hobby Base's ball joints and a couple of Wave's joints that one can normally get from hobby shops here. 18,000 yen for an unassembled kit! Price is high mainly because color resin cast kits are expensive to make and they have to pay for the licensing fee too.

Parts of the color resin cast kit in just two bags. A sheet of waterslide decals for Yuki's eyes is also provided.

View larger pics in the flickr gallery linked below:

Liquid Stone Yuki Nagato Strike Suit (Space Ninja) CQC ver.


xChewy said...

Wish I had the money to buy one. x.x Are you gonna make one for yourself? :D

Tokyo Hunter said...

Nah, I only bought one for a customer of mine. It is way too expensive for me. Let's just pray to the toy gods for a figma release! ^^