Friday, May 08, 2009

Hobby Complex 07 - Sci-Fi

Third Hobby Complex 07 coverage post covers Sci-Fi stuff at the event. There were quite a few amazing pieces (most of which made me wish I had the cash to buy and skills to build the resin kits) at the event and here's a look at some of them.

Monster Hunter video game series is a major hit throughout the world, particularly in Japan where gamers tend to play Monster Hunter Freedom games on their PSPs in Akiba and while waiting in line at hobby events. The games aren't my cup of tea but I do like the armor designs and massive weapons. There were some really outstanding Monster Hunter resin kits offered at the event. Took some shots of the best ones I like.

This is one of Atelier Bamboo's completed resin kits displayed at their booth. Very impressive detail!

Also done by Atelier Bamboo. This is a much smaller figure standing roughly 10cm tall. Really digging the armor and weapon designs!

My favorite piece from Atelier Bamboo. Too bad it's only offered as a resin kit.

Resin kits by Mad Roar of an armor and color variant in Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

Monster heads by quesQ.

Gil Gil's Rathalos/Rioreus (Liolaeus) rare species head prepainted polystone statue. Made in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the Monster Hunter franchise. Limited to only 100 pieces and retails for 29,800 yen. Available now through Gil Gil's online store as of this writing. Contact me for order details! Click here to view the Hobby Japan magazine mail order version.

Kame-Bushi resin kit sculpted by Erick Sosa. Looks like Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles overdosed on steroids! It's a brilliant sculpt and one that I'd love to have but alas it is a resin kit. Available for order on Gil Gil's online store priced at 28,000 yen.

Resin kits of custom weapons for use on Atelier-Sai's Shining Blade trading figures. Prices range from 500 - 1,500 yen for the custom weapons.

Kaitendoh's 1/144 Tetsujin action figure. Saw this at Wonder Fest last year and can't wait to see how the final product will turn out! This imaginative action figure rendition of the iconic Tetsujin 28 will be made of ABS and pewter. Price and release date TBA.

Hellpainter's original creation: the Kougasha! A Caucasus beetle-type Kaijin. Me like!

Another amazing kit from Hellpainter called The Variant.

RC Berg's 1/100-scale full color resin kit of Type A fighter from DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou. Available for order on RC Berg's online store from 25 May onwards. Price and release date TBA.

A breakdown of the Type A's color resin parts.

Original fully-poseable body by Mfield. About 12 inches tall and comes with a hefty price tag of 20,000 yen!

Rideback Fuego type resin kit. Very articulated and fully transformable to boot!

Microman-sized Rideback resin kit. Not sure if it's transformable but I want one!

1/48 Ivan Vital Suit resin kit by G-Cube. One of my favorite mecha designs from the Lost Planet video game series!

Amazing sculpt of Cobra by Headlong!

Headlong's Pyramid Head is my favorite of all the resin kits done of the character from Silent Hill thus far. There aren't that many out there and the ones I had seen are all fantastic but this one takes the cake! Will have to commission a professional to build this kit for me if I manage to get one at the next hobby event.

Another subject that's not getting a lot of resin kits made are the Orbital Frames from Zone of Enders! Pictured below is a resin kit of Anubis. Makes me wanna go back and play the games again. When's ZOE 3 coming?! >_<
Die-cast metal statues of Arrow Head and Shooting Star from the R-Type series. Yes and yes! Due out this year from A-Label.

Great Zeorymer on the left and Zeorymer on the right. Two upcoming die-cast metal action figures from A-Label. The sign behind the figures reveals plans for Dorvack action figures. No idea why there's a sudden interest in releasing figures and kits of mecha from an obscure series of late.

More pics in my flickr gallery linked below:

Hobby Complex 07 - Sci-Fi

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-Chewy said...

Those Atelier Bamboo's Monster Hunter figures are so badass!! >.< . . .Too bad they're so expensive.
&; that Pyramid Head is so detail!!

Great reviews xD! Did you manage to buy anything awesome?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Yup! I got some really great resin kits and will post pics if I got the time. One of the kits I got is Liquid Stone's Yuki Nagato figure.