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Hobby Complex 07 - Wave & Touhou Project

Continuing my coverage of Hobby Complex 07, this post will spotlight items at Wave's booth as well as Touhou Project resin kits.

First up it's the Zyashinhei pre-painted polystone statue. Retails for 78,750 yen and due out in August. Wave Direct exclusive. Would love to have one but waaaaay out of my price range! Quite impressive when seen in person. Absolutely enormous and the detail is just stunning!

October release W.H.A.M.! Tetsukyojin Galient action figure will retail for a whopping 23,500 yen! Stands 23.5cm tall and will be made of die-cast metal, PVC and ABS plastic. Best Tetsukyojin Galient figure I've seen so far. Do want!

Upcoming W.H.A.M! Helldiver & Ingram.

Wave Direct exclusive 1/144 Sirene R Type resin kit. Retails for 13,440 yen and due out end of June.

Another Wave Direct exclusive Five Star Stories kit, it's the 1/144 Sirene A resin kit. Retails for 10,290 yen and due out in August.

Not sure what the name of this FFS mech is and don't know when it is coming out and at what price because I forgot to take a pic of its info card. ^^; Looks to be another Wave Direct exclusive resin kit. Will post up info on this piece when Wave unveiles it on their site.

Kanokon Chizuru Minamoto will be offered with two variants: school wear and underwear versions.

Wave's complete Fortune Arterial figures with assembled backdrop on display.

Alfin from Crusher Joe coming this autumn and will retail for 6,500 yen.

Rise from Persona 4 also due out this autumn and will retail for 6,800 yen.

Some of Wave's past Treasure Figure Collection releases. Their Haruhi series figures are really terrible sculpts. Avoid at all costs!

2009 looks to be a great year for Touhou Project fans with so many figure, resin kit, and merchandise coming out and creator ZUN being just a bit less strict about giving out licenses. Here's a look at some of the standout Touhou Project items that caught my attention.

Touhou Project itasha decals by quesQ (they don't seem to have updated their site since 2006!).

More quesQ offerings. Resin kits of bust-up statues. Very good sculpts but I personally prefer full body figures instead.

Now that's more like it! These were some of T's System's latest resin kit releases sold at the event.

Don't remember who made these but they're pretty good sculpts, too. I still prefer T's System's sculpts though.

Liquid Stone's new full color resin kits of Mame Marisa & Reimu.

So adorable! They're full color resin kits, which means they come molded in color and do not require painting. However, you'll still need to cut and sand down excess resin.

Liquid Stone also sold their new full color Remilia resin kit at the event and had some completed ones on display, but unfortunately my camera's battery went dead before I managed to take any pics of the figure. >_<; You can check out pics of the kit on their site. More pics in my flickr gallery linked below:

Hobby Complex 07 - Wave & Touhou Project

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