Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hobby Complex 07 - Nanoha

Here's a special look at some of the highlights of Nanoha series figures at Hobby Complex 07. Below are Acetone's irresistibly cute SD Nanoha & Fate!

These two are Nendoroid Fate and Nanoha color cast resin kits by Laugh. Sold at the event at 10,000 yen each. These will most probably be released as completed Nendoroid figures by Good Smile in the near future as the sculptor was involved in sculpting upcoming Nendoroid releases as shown here.

Nekomimi Fate! Meow!

The guys from the series finally got some figure love! There might have been figures of male characters from the series made before but this is the first time I saw them at a hobby event.

Saw this at Treasure Festa earlier this year but still worth showing. Very beautiful and dynamic sculpt!

This sculpt captures an action scene from the show perfectly but ...

... she doesn't look very good when viewed from any angle other than the front.

Nanoha by T's System.

Fate resin kit also by T's System.

New resin kit releases from T's System offered at the event: movie version of Nanoha ...

... along with movie version of Fate.

Seen this piece before but don't remember who made this one. Nice sculpt though.

This one was also done by the same group that did the one above.

More pics in my flickr gallery linked below:

Hobby Complex 07 - Nanoha

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