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Hobby Complex 07 - Figures

My final Hobby Complex 07 coverage post. Lots of really nice figures shown at the event. Guess we'll most probably see the same thing at Wonder Fest in July. I took a ton of pics but can't post them all here so will only highlight some of the more interesting pieces. You can view all 131 pics in my flickr gallery here.

Saw this beautiful resin kit at a preivous hobby event but don't remember when and which sculptor circle made this. I need to start taking notes of the pieces I take pics of next time instead of relying on my memory! ^^; Very detailed and I can imagine that it's gonna be an extremely difficult build with those tiny mechanical pieces for the bike's engine.

Kaitendoh's Tamaki Kousaka PVC figure due out in September and will retail for 8,000 yen.

Another upcoming piece from Kaitendoh, this 1/12 Michiko & Hatchin piece will be offered as a prepainted polystone statue. Price and release date TBA.

Kaitendoh's prepainted "candy resin" Kemeko figure due out in October and will retail at 14,800 yen. Mmm ... candy~!!

My favorite upcoming figure from Kaitendoh, this one's of Seras Victoria from Hellsing to be produced as a 1/6-scale prepainted polystone figure due out in September and will retail about 18,000 yen.

Idol-type Busou Shinki custom costume pieces were sold at the event. Love the display!

A closer look at the custom Busou Shinki idol figures.

LaFavorite's resin kit of female lead from Houkago Play ecchi manga.

Left to right: Ada Wong, Claire Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers from the Resident Evil video games.

RC Berg's 1/6 Revy resin kit. Revy never looked this moe but I like! Hope this sculpt will get a PVC release soon!

An original resin kit by Mfield called Modeler Girl.

Girl from Clannad After Story. Haven't watched the anime so not sure what the connection is between the girl and the robot.

Cerberus Projects color cast resin figure of Seras Victoria was sold at previous hobby events and they made some more of the popular kit again for this show. Bought one for a customer of mine. Really like the figure myself but I have no experience in assembling resin kits so I try to steer clear of them and hope that one day it will be released as a finished action figure.

These Strike Witches color cast resin figures by Cerberus Project were quickly sold out at the event.

Not sure of this character's name or which series she's from. Probably one of Takehito Harada's designs.

Now this I know! Pleinair in Usagi car!

Awesome sculpt of Sacchan from the Jigsaw World NDS game. I really like the dynamic pose and finish on this piece! Based on Takehito Harada's design for the game.

She looks hot! Love her hair style. Sadly I don't know which series she's from.

The intricate detail on Saber Lily's armor totally blows Gift's Saber right out of the water!

Standard blue costume Chun-Li ...

... and white costume version ...

... with mind-blowingly gorgeous detail on her back outift! Sweet!

New resin kit by Jet Stream. She's from "Zoku Zoku Satsuriku no Jango Gaiden: The Bitch Hiker" and named Genki Coordinator. has more pics here.

More of Tandem Twin's Animal Nee-chan resin kits. I'm sure we'll see these released as PVC from Yamato in the near future.

One of the most adorable pieces I saw at the show. Want one so bad but sadly it was only available as a resin kit ...

This is Vispo's new Raqel Flower resin kit, which is a more revealing variant of thier popular Raqel Gothic kit.

Daiki Kogyo showed off their massive 1/4-scale Saber at the event. Price and release date TBA.

These are Keumaya's final doujin figure project. Designed by Keumaya and sculpted by Vispo. Planned for release this summer.

Optional resin kit face for MegaHouse's Queen's Blade Menace figure. Sculpted by Melting Neuron.

T's System's new Saber Lily kit.

More pics in my flickr gallery linked below:

Hobby Complex 07 - Figures

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cub3k_cub3 said...

haha..finally another excellent and big news from you Joseph.

Thank's for taking time to post all the latest figure news.

Can't wait for the Gurren Lagann with the GiantDrill figure.

Singer Yuna said...

I also love the display of the Busou Shinki idol figures ^^
The Kemeko and Michiko & Hatchin are great too!
Thanks for the post!