Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hobby Complex 07 - Yamato & Cat Shit One

Hobby Complex 07 was held yesterday at Tokyo Big Sight. Photo below was taken about 45 minutes before the start of the event. Attendees were gathered below the infamous escalator that broke when too many people were sent up on it at last year's Wonder Fest.

Starting off my coverage of the event, here's a look at upcoming releases that were displayed at Yamato's booth. Pictured below is the Yamato Fan Club exclusive 1/1 Hikaru pilot helmet. I'm currently taking preorders for this. Contact me for details!

These were the only Macross items that were brought to the show. Was hoping they'd have the Fan Racer and 1/2000 SDF-1 there but I guess I'll have to wait till next week to check them out at Shizuoka Hobby Show.

Monica's Axe based on Boris Vallejo's art. Retails for 13,800 yen and due out in August.

The Sacrifice based on Dorian Cleavanger's art. Retails for 13,800 yen and due out in June.

Golden Lover based on Julie Bell's art. Due out in September. Retail price TBA. My favorite piece in Yamato's Fantasy Figure Gallery thus far!

Newly revealed at the show is this original piece called Felicia Andress by Shungo Yazawa. Due out Autumn 2009. Will rooted hair on PVC figures be the next big thing since cast off feature?! ^^

Emaretta-chan based on Shunya Yamashita's art. Retails for 7,800 yen and due out in July.
Nice and glossy! Yum! If the final product looks as good as the painted sample, I'll get one for sure!

Tsukasa Bullet Compact Hog due out in Winter 2009. Looks promising! Love the art it was based on.

Another new figure announcement was the Sound Pretty figure based on Tsukasa Jun's art. Price TBA and due out in Autumn 2009.

Upcoming Tandem Twin figures. Nekomimi series Yukariko-san due out in Autumn 2009.

Mercedes from Odin Sphere. Yamato and sculptor Long Long were selling the garage kit of the figure at the show but sadly there were no super long lines for the kit compared to the massive queue for Bubba's Velvet resin kit. Mercedes will see a PVC release in August followed by Velvet and then Gwendolyn. Pictured below is a painted sample of what Yamato hopes the PVC release will turn out, particularly having a beautiful porcelain finish. I, for one, am definitely looking forward to Yamato's Odin Sphere releases!

A painted Mercedes displayed at sculptor Long Long's table.

Velvet from Odin Sphere due out Winter 2009.

Here's the painted resin kit displayed at sculptor Bubba's table. A truly breathtaking piece! Looks absolutely amazing in person. Can't wait to see how Yamato's final product will turn out.

Resin kit of Reflect's Kiriko Hattori resin kit was available for preorder at the event for 14,000 yen. Character design by Shunya Yamashita. We should see a PVC release from Yamato soon.

Now here's a look at the resin kit set of Packy, Rats, and Bota from Cat Shit One! They're so adorable! Forgot who made these. ^^; I did talk to the sculptor and asked if he'll be releasing pre-painted figures. He said he's not sure at this point because it will be more expensive to make and have to pay higher licensing fee. I'd buy them for sure if he's gonna make them as pre-painted figures. Will check with him again at Wonder Fest in July.

Some of his other Usabo pre-painted figures. 3,000 yen each and mostly sold out by the end of the event.

You don't wanna mess with this bunny!

This photographer had strung together two SLRs and a light source. Takes pics twice as fast! Very efficient!

More pics in my flickr gallery linked below:

Hobby Complex 07 - Yamato & Cat Shit One

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Panther said...

Wow that is some setup for the camera.

Also, yes! Nekomimi series for Tandem Twin.

Holiday said...

Yeah, that's one crazy camera setup. At another event, I remember seeing someone with three SLR cameras. He did that to save time - he doesn't waste time changing lenses, lol.

The Cat Shit Down trailer looked good, and the manga is a nice read too. Nice figures of them!

Yeah, hope Yamato does a good job on the Odin Sphere figures. Alter has already released a nice Gwendolyn so lets see if they can top that one.

Al said...

They butchered Boris Vallejo's Monica's Ax. She looks cadaverous. Julie Bell's Golden Lover on the other hand is absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That twin camera setup is for taking stereoscopic pictures..

He'll go home and match the pair of pictures in photoshop to make a 3D image.

I have a couple examples in my flickr account..

Anonymous said...


Should have mentioned the Dark Saber Mokyu Mokyu was bought from our friend Tokyohunter.

Arigato as always!

eva05 said...

Wow...Wish the Cat Shit One pieces were available. I need them ^_^