Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hobby Complex 07 - Dimension Diver

Dimension Diver is a sculptor circle that comprises of the sculptor Daibadi himself, who creates amazing articulated resin kit figures as well as some fixed-pose pieces. Best known for his highly poseable color resin kit figures of Rockman, Aegis, Aphrodite, and Venus. The sculptor was present at the Hobby Complex 07 event and sold some of his 2008 resin kits, and showed his upcoming Neo Okusaer kit that will be for sale at Wonder Festival 2009 Summer in July.

Pictured below are two of his most popular kits: Rockman and Roll. These are color cast resin kits that will be fully poseable upon completion and does not require painting. Shown here are the finished kits that had already been painted and shaded.

Pictured here are straight builds without paint.

Articulated Aegis and Metis from Persona 3. Also color cast resin kits. 12,000 yen each.

This is how they look like without paint.

Upcoming color cast kit of Neo Okusaer from Godannar that will be made for sale at Wonder Festival 2009 Summer.

Looks pretty darn good even without painting! Might consider getting this piece!

Fully painted and shaded.

More pics in my flickr gallery linked below:

Hobby Complex 07 - Dimension Diver

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TheGeek said...

Those look very nice. Love the Megaman and Roll.

Very interesting construction I didn't even know that you could color cast resin.

Michael D. said...

Sooo how exactly do i get my hands on the rockman????

Tokyo Hunter said...

I have one last piece for sale. Email me for details! ^^

Michael D. said...

PERFECT, I have emailed you immediately hope you get it soon, if not please send info to me and it would be extremely appreciated.

bennyb said...

You don't have anymore of the Rockman or Roll figures left? Ever since I saw the pick I have been obsessing on how to find one on the internet. I you have any to sell please email me.

Tokyo Hunter said...

You won't be able to find these online anywhere. The kits are only sold at hobby events in Japan. I still have one last set of Rockman and Roll available. Email me for details!

bennyb said...

I think I found a couple on Yahoo japan auctions, but they don't really sell outside of the country or without a japanese credit card. I emailed you about purchasing the set you have available.

Tokyo Hunter said...

I just replied to your email. Thanks!

Dr.Mugg said...

well, i guess i'm late to the party - just found this posting, and am blown away by this pair. do you still have them, or can you aquire them for me? please let me know. thanks.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Sorry, I'm all sold out of the Rockman and Roll kits.