Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tokyo Toy Festival #17 coverage

Got to attend my second Tokyo Toy Festival (TTF) today. It's a bi-annual event held at Tokyo Big Sight that's basically a hobby-type flea market event similar to Super Festival but with bigger stars attending for signing events.

I didn't take much photos of the event as there's really not much there that caught my eye except for the Hakaider statue from Fewture, which I really like 'cus it's sculpted by Takayuki Takeya (S.I.C. sculptor)! Wish I can afford that statue ... =_=;

Some pics of the dealer tables.

Transformers booth at TTF with Bumblebee 1977 Chevrolet Camaro.

Mark Ryan, voice actor for Bumblebee that only had two lines in the entire movie, was one of the 'big' stars that was invited to the event to sign stuff at 3,000 yen. I'm more interested in the hawt translator/model than getting Mr.2-liner's autograph.

The true stars at the show were definitely Kenji Ohba (Gavan) and Hiroshi Watari (Sharivan)! I grew up watching Gavan but never seen Sharivan although I love the Sharivan opening song. Both were there for interviews and autograph sessions. Fans had to line up to purchase limited tickets (2,800 yen per ticket) to get their signatures and tickets for Kenji Ohba's signature were quickly sold out within the first half hour. After all these years of wishing to meet my childhood hero, I finally got the chance to shake Kenji Ohba's hand, talk to him, and got his signature on my MegaHouse Action Works Gavan figure! Now that I have his signature, my next goal is to take a picture together with him! They didn't allow any kind of photography during the autograph session.

"Jouchaku!" (henshin word for Gavan), "Sekisha!" (henshin word for Sharivan)

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