Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Haul pics - 23 October 2007

The second volume of Suntory's Final Fantasy VII 10th anniversary potion limited edition canned drinks are out! Released on 23 October, I managed to get 8 out of 16 different types from a nearby 7-11 convenience store yesterday. 200 yen per can at 7-11. They only had 8 of the 16 types with the cases they received and I plan on checking out the other 7-11 convenience stores and supermarkets this week to complete the second volume.

I got an extra can with Cloud's image to drink. Tastes just as I remembered from my first taste of the potion that comes with the first volume release last month. If anyone's getting any of the FF7 potions, don't drink them unless you love the taste of medicine and ramune.

Here's a pic of first volume's phallic bottle and the second volume side by side for size comparison.

Third volume with mini figures coming on 27 November!

Haul pics - 23 October 2007 gallery


Akaryu said...

LOL Joseph,
In FF series the potions are not meant to be drunk. U supposed to throw them overhead to use it, it for external use. ^.^

Anyway nice cans u have there, is there any chance u will be getting extras for your ebay?

Tokyo Hunter said...


Ok, I'll do just that.

*throws potion up in the air*

+100 HP

Ahh....refreshing! ^^

I'm not gonna list any of the cans up on eBay for auction. There are already plenty listed up on eBay. And besides, I will be busy packing for my move to the new apartment in a couple weeks' time. I'll continue with listing up cool limited edition items for auction on eBay after the move.