Sunday, October 28, 2007

Haul pics - 28 October 2007

Caution: Some pics are not work safe!

Here are the stuff I hauled back from Tokyo Toy Festival #17:

Alter Fate/Zero Saber & Irisviel PVC - WonderFest 2007 exclusive

Circle Keumaya Katai Figure 1/8 Tsubasa Amano black hair & body ver. PVC with B5 32-page KF report manga - Comiket Summer 2007 exclusive - same model as this but with black hair. Prepainted PVC figure requires minor assembly (no cement or drilling required).

Circle Keumaya Yarawaka Figure 1/6 T-X Matsura Touyama PVC with 34-page YF report manga - Comiket Winter 2006 exclusive. Prepainted PVC figure that requires minor assembly (no cement or drilling required). Figure features soft chest! Upper right corner of the box previously got wet before the purchase but the contents are clean and dry. Never taken out from bubble wrappings. Thighs need to be repainted to fix the bad paint job that got past quality control. All other parts are fine.

The first three items above will be listed up for auction on eBay after my upcoming November 10th move to my new apartment in Sano, Tochigi prefecture. Check back by the end of November or early December for the auctions!

MegaHouse Action Works Gavan with limited edition card - signed by Kenji Ohba! Not for sale, of course. It's one of my most prized possessions!

Haul pics - 28 October 2007 gallery

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