Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jun Planning 1/6 Misa Amane white ver. PVC

Item: Moeart Collection 1/6 Misa Amane white ver. PVC
Height: 13cm
Series: Death Note
Maker: Jun Planning
Retail price: 7,140 yen
AmiAmi price: 5,561 yen
Release date: December 2007
Info: exclusive.


johnybravo said...

do you post updates for be@rbricks as well?

Tokyo Hunter said...

I post info on the ones that I think are interesting. I'll post the rest of the Be@rbrick exclusives if I have the time.

johnybravo said...


Anonymous said...

Do you have any information about where a UK retailer can get hold of these... ?

Any also - have you seen the red version yet ??

Tokyo Hunter said...

AmiAmi is the only store that's selling it, so if you're a retailer and would like to carry stocks of the item, you'll have to look for a contact in Japan to purchase it from AmiAmi and then ship them to you. AmiAmi doesn't do wholesale either, so you'll have to pay full retail price for it, or at AmiAmi's current discounted price.

The red version that's on eBay now is a bootleg. There's never been a red version of this item.

Anonymous said...

Cool - thanks so much for the information. I saw the red version on another UK retailers website and wondered if it was being distributed via diamond comics... thanks again for the info

(you don't want to be an international distributor dealing with produsct from Amiami do you ?)

Tokyo Hunter said...

I started my proxy buyer service last year helping clients from outside of Japan to purchase exclusives, rare, and vintage items. A year later, I find myself overwhelmed with orders and no longer have the time to run the service and hardly have any time for myself either. Now I focus on purchasing exclusive items for auction on eBay with starting bids at cost price and usually get way more in return than the commission fees I charged when I ran my proxy buyer service.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I read your profile. It's a shame for us but I understand why you favour eBay. We already have a proxy buyer contact luckily.. I'll drop him a line on it.
We find when we're looking from the UK that eBay is overun with fakes and cheap copies and people are hesitant in buying from there, however we too run some ebay auctions and we find that the items make a much greater return too.
I will keep checking in with your blog, it's really interesting and a first hand early insight into what's hot in Japan... so thanks for that again!

Any Death Note products coming up ?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Thanks! :)

Other than the upcoming white Misa Amane, Nendoroid Light Santa Ver. & L Reindeer Ver., and VCD Ryuk, there's really no other Death Note products coming out, not even for mass market release. Strange that such a popular series got so few merchandise. Probably not enough moe girls in the series to make PVC figures of. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. yep - Got all those on order (except for that White Misa which I'm now on the case for !)

LOL... yeah I'm sure you're right about the lack of female characters in Death Note... still Ikki Tousen (any that Bible Black figure) is there to fill any gap in the market ;0)

It is strange that there's not more products on Death Note... although we see a LOT of USA products associated with the series coming over because of that I guess, I've seen bags Misa and wall scrolls this week but we're not really into importing non Jap imports really. It doesn't fit our business right now anyway.

Something else you might be able to guide me on is Japanese Sweets... our customers love them - expecially Pocky but they're really hard to get in any quantity. I've just sold out of the Grape flavour and have been told I can't get anymore because they're a discontinued flavour

I know it's a bit cheeky to ask but go you know of any wholesalers that ship oversees ? My regular supplier is struggling to supply me with prices and leadtimes right now

If you'd rather not say here then that's cool... let me know

Tokyo Hunter said...

Sorry, I honestly don't know of any wholesalers of Japanese sweets that ship overseas. Try contacting Glico directly for wholesale details.

What's the URL to your online store? I don't mind you posting it here or you can email it to me at I'd like to check it out. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Again

You can find us at

come and have a look around, we're in the process of updating the site after moving premises

I'd be interested to hear your comments :0)